Adventures In Exercise – Why it took me so long to try a Spin Class

Why it took me so long to try a Spin Class Cover

“I’m soooo sorry, Are you ok?,”- that’s what the old lady in my hydrorider class said to me after she accidently dropped her 55lb bike on my head as I was helping her get it into the water. I was fine but had to hold an icepack on the side of my face for the whole duration of the water “spin” class.

We had joined our gym a few years ago and it took me the longest time to even try a group class. I always thought the women that attended those were genetically superimposed with the DNA of superheros. I was so intimidated to stare at myself in front of a mirror with a bunch of other women doing exercises or dance moves that looked ridiculous.

So eventually I gave it a try and found out that a lot of the women who attended those classes were friendly and made up of all shapes and sizes. I continued to sample what was on the group exercise list and even tried water pilates and the water spin class known as hydrorider.  But there was one class that still was untouchable to me…..spin.


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This was a class that you could burn hundreds of calories,wear padded shorts and bring your own padded seat. This was an early class not for the faint of heart with 45 minutes of heart pumping cardio. I had only heard tales about it and had yet to try. Finally this year after moving to a new state and having to find a new gym… I finally faced my fitness demon.

I once again found friendly people,all sizes who were riding stationary bike. I mean really….. no one can tell how fast or what level of resistence you personally are using.  I was instantly mad at myself after class for allowing my intimidation to keep me from a fun workout all of these years.

I even taken a weight class on a bosu ball(which my husband says looks like a bubbled pimple..ew) I find the more I try, the more I eliminate things I could be missing out on.



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Spinning on your list? Put your zip code in the search to find a spinning class near you.

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