How to Carry a Healthy Smile Wherever You Go

How to carry a healthy smile wherever you go
Just about everywhere I’ve traveled, I’ve encountered kindness wherever I go. I REALLY found that out when I broke my ankle and traveled solo for a conference on crutches. I experienced strangers who went out of their way to do a simple but meaningful task like grabbing a door for me or helping me with a bag. I’ve also had those moments when my kids were younger and having a meltdown where the kind words or a SMILE from a stranger made all the difference.

Each day we never know what challenges we will face or what people we may come across. We don’t have the power to control all of the things that life throws our way but we do have the power to choose how we respond to them.

There are hundreds of languages in the world but a smile speaks them all

You never really know how that small act of kindness can brighten someone’s day. A smile can also help trick your brain into happiness…because some days you just have to fake it til you make it.  Smiles can also be contagious so why not try practicing it on strangers and making that flight sitting next to a stranger WAY less awkward by starting it off with a grin.

Get in the Habit

A great way to start….or reset your day is by intentionally smiling for a few seconds each day…you might feel a little silly by yourself but I promise that it will be a mood booster.

It’s also important to take care of your smile….I’m especially guilty of this by not remembering to floss every single day which can leave my gums sensitive, and which can sometimes cause bleeding when I brush my teeth.

Smile Reset

Crest launched the Crest Cum Detoxify to help reset those problem issues and target the hard to reach gum lines while neutralizing harmful plaque bacteria.Crest

The Challenge

I was invited by Crest to take the “Detoxify Your Gums” 5-day challenge for 5 consecutive days to reset my gum health.

This was an easy challenge because I have no problem remembering to brush my teeth and it was nice to know that I was doing something to get my oral health back on track. My gums are definitely in better shape after the fives days. My gums are not as sensitive as they were at the beginning of the challenge and my gums are no longer bleeding, even when I brush harder.

Crest Gum

What Makes This Product Different?

Crest Gum Detoxify toothpaste is a specially formulated paste with Activated Foam technology that reaches below the gum line to significantly improve gum health, leading to clinically proven healthier gums. The new paste has superior technology to neutralize harmful bacteria, even below the gum line. This complete coverage of teeth and gums ensures an even, all over clean. In fact, ninety-nine percent of gingivitis patients showed reduced gum bleeding and inflammation in eight weeks after using Crest Gum Detoxify.

Take the Quiz

More Oral Care Tips

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Crest Detoxify

More Information

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Crest Gum Detoxify at Walmart

Get Started on Your Own 5 Day Challenge

Are you ready for a healthier smile? Crest Gum Detoxify comes in Deep Clean, Extra Fresh, Gentle Whitening and Two-Step varieties, is available in drugstores, mass retailers, and eCommerce sites nationwide, starting in early 2018. You can purchase Crest® Gum Detoxify online or check out your nearest Walmart.

Thanks again to Crest for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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How to carry a smile wherever you go

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