Tips for your 1st Glow Race

Tips for Your 1st Glow Race

Thinking about running in a glow run?

We had a lot of fun at our very 1st glow run with the Neon Vibe 5K and we’ve enjoyed a few more since then which is why I’ve created a list of a few tips to have the best glow run experience possible.

1. Wear as much white or neon clothes as possible to maximize your glow

Glow run tips 5

2. Find extra fun glow accessories

You will get some with your race, but to really stand out, look for some creative accessories online or you can stock up at a local dollar store.

glow spikes glow run

Glow Run tips 7

3. Get a before and after shot

Glow run tips 9

Photo 2013-08-11 11.13.46 AM

4. Coat your hair and face with color just because you can

glow run tips 10

Photo 2013-08-11 11.32.39 AM

5. Bring a ziploc bag or waterproof case if you plan on bringing your phone with you during the race otherwise you might want to bribe someone to take pictures for you

6. Have a plan of where to meet in case you get separated from each other during the race

glow run tips 2

I have run a few of these types of races now and we have gotten temporarily separated from our group a few times. It’s good to have a plan in place or your race experience will not be as fun.

7. If you have sensitive eyes, wear sunglasses to keep the color out of your eyes

Glow run tips 4

8. Pack extra clothes

Glow run tips 8

There is a good chance that you might not want to ride home covered head to toe in colored chalk.

9. Bring garbage bags or towels to cover your car seats

Trust me, you don’t want you car to be covered in colored dust.

10. Keep in mind that not everyone can rock a full covered neon body suit, but this event is all about fun, so who cares!!! Just be prepared to dance!

Glo run

11. Have Fun!

Photo 2013-08-11 11.13.46 AM

Remember that a fun run is just that..FUN! So don’t take it too seriously. If you wanted a serious competitive race, you should have signed up for one. Just enjoy making memories by running through a rainbow of color in the dark.

10 Tips for Moving Toward Your Goals This Year

Move toward goals

As I reflected on my 2013 adventure list goals, I noticed that there were a lot of adventures still left on my list by the end of the year…and that’s ok. What I love is that when given the opportunity to cross something off my list, I took it. There are so many moments that are once in a lifetime that you can only experience if you take action, that moment, that time, that place.

If you have been a reader of mine for a while, you know that a big motivation for me to live to the fullest is because of the death of my brother and mother. (“Why Death has made me want to live”)

A conversation with my mom on her death bed has also fueled me. You have to understand that she was full of life but the circumstances of taking care of my brother for years, all four of my grandparents at various points in time and her own cancer chipped away from her time and zest a bit.

During my mom’s final months, she began painting again. She was an incredible artist but she had a new challenge. Her right arm had cancer in her bones which made tasks extremely painful. So she took up painting with her left hand. Her paintings created by her left hand displayed more talent than I’ll ever know. In her final weeks, she shared her talent and her prayers with those she came in contact with.

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