Awesome Back to School Laundry Tips

For many of us, Back to School means back to routine. I’m sharing back to school laundry tips to help reduce your stress and get your laundry under control.

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Keep Them Separated

I like to separate laundry items as much as possible. I use separate baskets for clean towels and for each individual family member.

Setting up systems for clothing can help reduce the chaos and help save time.

Each family member can be responsible for putting away their own laundry basket.

Another option is to have a separate dirty laundry basket for each child which can help keep their clothes together with less sorting afterward.

Clean Uniforms 1

(*Click on each image below for a free laundry basket printable)

Place the cards inside 4″ X 6″ Scotch Self Seal Laminating Pouches and attach them to the basket.

Dirty Uniforms

You can eliminate unnecessary stress on game day or for school by using a smaller laundry basket specifically for school or sports uniforms.

This is a lifesaver if you have ever discovered that your game gear is MIA 5 minutes before you are supposed to leave…I’ve been there several times myself.

We keep the clean uniforms in a small laundry basket so that they are easy to find on game day.

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Just Add Ice to Remove Wrinkles

You can remove wrinkles from your clothing by adding a few ice cubes to a light load of laundry.

Use the highest heat setting and dry the clothing for at least 10 minutes to reduce wrinkles from the steam created by the ice.

Add Some Fluff

Add volume to your coats and blankets by adding a few tennis balls to your load in the dryer.

Fold and Sort Immediately

Laundry is less overwhelming when you fold and place laundry in designated baskets immediately after each load.

Don’t Stress Over Socks

I’ve decided that life is too short to sweat over sock sorting. I don’t match up socks.

If I recognize a pair that belongs to a specific family member I place them in their basket, otherwise, I have a small basket with white socks and another with colored socks.

Clean socks with holes can be used for cleaning and then thrown away guilt free.

Keep Stain Remover Closeby

Because life happens, you might want to be proactive and keep a travel size stain remover in your purse or vehicle and a larger size bottle near your washer.

rack of clothes

Hang All of Your Shirts

Save yourself the frustration of finding clean clothes waded up in a ball in the back of a kids’ drawer by hanging them up instead.

We keep a hanging rack with extra hangers in the laundry room so that we can hang things up immediately when you take them out of the dryer. This also makes it easy to transfer and put away in their closet.

You can group them together for each individual family member and if you are feeling extra ambitious you could even arrange them in your closet by color and shirt length.

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Tips From a Pro

I asked the Service Manager at Hagedorn Appliances, Anthony Orue to share some of his favorite tips to help reduce service calls.

Don’t Overload the Washer

Place your clothes in the washer but don’t push them down to cram more in because it can affect the cleaning and make your washer out of balance.

Clean Your Dryer Filter Every Time

Lint can build up over time which could be a potential fire hazard and could also cause the dryer not to heat up properly.

Check Your Pockets Before You Load

Avoid permanent ink and crayon stains by double checking all pockets before they go into the washer.

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  1. It makes sense to do all the folding and hanging of the laundry right away and not let it build up. My washing machine just broke down and we need a professional to inspect it. In the meantime, I’ll be using the local laundromat for a while until it gets fixed.

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