10 Items to Pack for Your Spring Break Getaway

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I love any excuse for a road trip. I can struggle to pack light and these tips brought to you by can help you get inspiration for any adventure destination.

Everyone loves a spontaneous getaway but sometimes, you only need a few hours to pack. You don’t even know if you’re going to a countryside location or an adventure trip right after your beach getaway. When it’s spring, you only need a few key pieces to carry like cheap gladiator shoes, a few accessories, and a cute dress. To get you started, here are 10 things you need to pack for your getaway.

strap sandals


1. Bamboo Pable-01 Two Tone T Strap Sandals. You need cheap yet stylish gladiator shoes you can use on the road, to the beach and probably somewhere uphill. All-around comfort is the key so make sure these t-strap sandals are ready. Don’t forget to paint your nails mustard, orange or pink!

2. Dollhouse Conquest Caged Gladiator Wedges. You’ll never know when a hot man invites you for a date so might as well pack these sexy gladiator wedges in strappy caged design. Pick colors like coral, nude or orange for easy matching with your packed apparel.



3. Strappy Bra Cut Out Monokini. Spring break without going to the beach? That’s impossible! Pack at least one bathing suit in this eye catching sea green monokini. It has an underwire bra cut out design which you can even use as a top paired with jeans when you’re running out of clothes to wear.



maxi dress

4. Aztec Sheer Burnout Maxi Dress. After a much-awaited swim at the beach, enjoy walking on the sand with this dainty dress in tribal sheer elegance. It has an overlay mesh feature that reveals a white bodycon mini dress underneath. Wear it with sandals or wedges and you get the same wow factor.

5. Floral Scarf. For any simple tank top or basic tee, an added scarf wrapped around your neck will give your look a boost of chic confidence. Get this navy floral scarf with soft material, perfect for your dress or an added design to your handbag.

6. Jean Jacket. Denim jackets never run out of style! So when you travel and you need that extra cover, don’t hesitate to wear a denim jacket you can wear with shorts or even a dress. Pair this with your white maxi dress and navy floral scarf for a chic visit-to-the-vineyard style.


skinny jeans

7. Faded Acid Washed Skinny Jeans. You need a trusty pair of jeans for every getaway. When you’ve got nothing to wear, this is your ultimate go-to apparel. Enough said.

8. Reversible Leatherette Tote. Travel in style with this reversible leatherette tote. Keep all your valuables, bottle of water and some snacks inside while looking fashionable. Reverse and show the other color the next day.

9. Reflective Cat Eye Sunglasses. Reflective sunglasses are definitely stylish for spring and summer. Add the cat eye frame and you’ll surely win a dozen of Instagram followers in one day. The sunglasses have 100% UV protection so you can enjoy a whole day out in the sun.
reflective sunglasses 
10. Venus Mars Rhinestone Studs. If you’re looking for a pair of earrings that can go from rugged, to casual, to formal, pick these rhinestone studs in gold. Enjoy venus and mars symbols in your ears and you’ll be surprised how many people will complement you on your fine choice.






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