5 Freebies Included With A Holiday World Admission

There are several FREE things that Holiday World offers that are rare when it comes to amusement parks.

I’m sharing what those are and how to make the most out of your visit while in Santa Claus, Indiana.

swing ride at Holiday World

1. Free Parking at Holiday World

The first thing that you’ll appreciate that you don’t have to pay additional money just to park in their lot. Parking at Holiday World is FREE!

2. FREE WIFI at Holiday World

You can post all of your favorite images from your day using the FREE WIFI.

Thunderbird coaster at Holiday World

During our visit, we headed straight for the Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is the nation’s first winged coaster that launches riders from zero to 60mph in 3.5 seconds.

We loved it so much that we rode it twice in a row!

free drinks at Holiday World Amusement Park

3. FREE SOFT DRINKS at Holiday World

The next thing that you’ll appreciate on a warm sunny day is that all drinks are included with your admission. Yes, you heard me correctly!

The soft drinks, pop, coke, carbonated drinks, soda pop, (whatever you call it, depending on where you are from) are FREE during your visit.

There are multiple stations throughout the park where you just walk up and pick your beverage.


Eagles at Holiday World

To help make sure that the boys didn’t go overboard on the drinks we made a deal. They had to drink 2 glasses of water before every glass of Gatorade.

free sunscreen at Splashin' Safari Waterpark

4. FREE SUNSCREEN at Holiday World

Don’t feel like packing a heavy bottle of sunscreen in your bag?

No problem because there are FREE SUNSCREEN stations.

The temperature during our visit was in the 90’s so we took advantage of the free sunscreen station before selecting our first water ride.

Mammoth e1526863795924

5. FREE WATERPARK at Holiday World

During the Summer months, you can enjoy two parks for the price of one. The Splashin’ Safari Waterpark could seriously stand on its own.

It’s really that amazing!

Our strategy during our visit was to visit several amusement park rides followed by a few hours at the waterpark.

The park has a great mix of rides that appeal to all ages for every stage of your family.

Wildebeest at Holiday World e1526862706461

Ride the Watercoasters

The first ride on our list was the “Mammoth” water coaster.

What’s a water coaster?

A watercoaster gives you the thrills of a roller coaster while you are getting wet. The Wildebeest even gives you several parts where you get airtime!

free sunscreen at Splashin' Safari Waterpark

The Splashin’ Safari Waterpark is HUGE!

I was really impressed by all of the rides offered in the waterpark.

There are thrill water rides but there are also areas that are perfect if you want to relax or if you have younger kids.

burger at Holiday World

Concessions at Holiday World

There are plenty of concession options to choose from throughout the park. The added value is knowing that you don’t have to pay for drinks.

Eagle ride at Holiday World

Holiday-Themed Amusement Park

The park at Holiday World is divided into four-holiday themes with rides for all ages in each section.

4th of July Theme at Holiday World

4th of July Theme at Holiday World

You’ll find lots of classic amusement rides in the 4th of July section.

Holiday World Halloween Section

Halloween Theme at Holiday World

In the fall, Holiday World has special Happy Halloween Weekends with additional activities that are fun for the whole family that are G-rated.

Holiday World Thanksgiving Section

Thanksgiving Theme at Holiday World

If you love Thanksgiving meals, you will appreciate the restaurant where you can eat your favorite Thanksgiving food items.

Thrill-seekers will also be thankful for the Voyage wooden roller coaster and the Thunderbird. The Voyage lasts 2 minutes and 45 seconds and you will feel that you just took a wild ride.

The looks are deceiving on the coaster, it’s wilder than you would think. It almost feels like it has two parts.

While you are back that way, you have to also ride the Thunderbird!

Christmas Theme at Holiday World

Christmas Theme at Holiday World

With a city named Santa Claus, of course, there is a large Christmas section.

Diving Show at Holiday World

Enjoy Live Shows at Holiday World

Holiday World also offers shows throughout the day.

I’ve never attended one because we love going on the rides but the diving show did intrigue me.

Santa Claus selfie at Holiday World

Take a Selfie with Santa

Don’t forget that a visit to Holiday World isn’t complete without a Selfie with Santa. Generations of families have been getting pictures with this Santa for years.

Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana

More Information on Holiday World

You will definitely run out of daylight before you run out of fun at Holiday World!  Our 2nd visit left us looking forward to a 3rd. Time flies when you are having fun!

You can find out more about Holiday World from their website.

Holiday World is located at 452 East Christmas Boulevard, Santa Claus, IN 47579.

Thanks to Santa Claus, Indiana for hosting our visit. You can find out more things to do in Santa Claus from their website.

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Where to Stay When You Visit Holiday World

If you want to stay close to Holiday World, Lake Rudolph Campground is a great option. 

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