5 Fun Electronic-Free Gift Ideas For Kids When They Travel

5 Fun Electronic Free Gift Ideas For Kids When They Travel 1

A big part of vacation success is making the most of the travel time. Long road trips or flights can be unpredictable with kids but it does help if you are prepared.

HOW you keep kids occupied on long car or plane rides can be a BIG factor.

With a little preparation, you can set up your travel time to be a fun and memorable part of the experience…instead of a miserable one.

Whether you are road tripping or flying, these electronic free products will make that travel experience more enjoyable for the kids AND the adults.

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The following are electronic free games that are perfect kids and families of all ages who are traveling on a long road trip or plane ride.

Tangram Game Travel Games e1572533294936

1. Magnetic Puzzle

Kids and adults can enjoy creative fun with Tangram Game Travel Games by Wallxin.  ($10.97)

The 176 Magnetic Puzzle and Questions are a fun and educational game where you can build animals, people, boat, object and geometric figure created with 7 Simple Magnetic Colorful Shapes. 

Tangram Game Travel Games 2 e1572533335418

The Environmental Protection Material Surface of the EVA foam is non-toxic with a magnetic plastic bottom with no smell.

The Book dimension is 6.3*6.3 inches, it’s small and convenient, easy to carry wherever you go as a great travel game.

The Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids e1572535812781

2. Travel Journal for Kids

The Ultimate Travel Journal For Kids: Awesome Activities for Your Adventures is a great tool to help your kids to recall their favorite memories from adventures during your trip. ($7.99 paperback)

Inside The Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids e1572535873887

Four SUPER FUN Travel Journals in ONE that’s just for kids. 

The Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids is packed with journaling prompts and activities for up to four so that no memory goes unwritten.

Inside these travel activities for kids, 6-9-year-olds will find guided prompts to record hopes for their trip, highlights, new discoveries, and more. Plus, this journal includes ultra-fun travel activities for kids including fill-in the blanks and crosswords for endless entertainment.

These travel activities for kids include Guided Travel Writing Prompts, DIY Souvenirs, word finds, scavenger hunts, crosswords, and more!

Kids Travel tray e1572533883920

3. Travel Activity Tray

The funtasit Kids Travel Tray All-in-One Carry Bag is a perfect multipurpose tray for road trips or flights. ($32.87)

The carry case can be securely attached to the front seat headrest for the most stable play/work table, car seat organizer lap tray for kids. 

Kids Travel tray 2 e1572534575264

The case has a detachable back so it becomes a stand-alone table or stand-alone iPad Holder. The case can hold a tablet and has special slots for the charging cable on the right and left sides. 

This portable case can be used for play, study, artwork, and using a Tablet and it’s suitable for any car seat, stroller, bus, train or plane.

You can secure toys, pencils, and snacks in the backseat car organizer without frustration. The tray table has a built-in cup/bottle holder and built-in pencil case along with a large expandable side mesh pockets.

Kids can use dry erase markers on the work tray and the material is easy to clean.

Games on the Go 2

4. Compact Travel Game

Games on the Go is a compact portable collection of 50 games and activities that can be played anywhere, at any time, with the whole family. ($9.99)Games on the Go e1572532807793

This travel game collection includes silly guessing games, perplexing word games, mind-bending memory challenges, wacky trivia questions, searching games, and much, much more.

Road Trip Kit e1572533697190

5. Create a Roadtrip Timeline

Are you tired of the question “Are we there yet???!!!”

The Road Trip Kit by Lifetime Inc – has you covered with Dry Erase Countdown Cards, a Map, Reusable Markers, and  Car Games On the Go for families, kids, and teens. ($12.99)

Road Trip Timeline e1572533785706

Help your kids look forward to road trip milestones along the way as they track your progress on the road trip timeline.

Teenagers can challenge each other with the  License Plate game, Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, Dots, Battleship, and Airplane.

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5 Fun Electronic Free Gift Ideas For Kids When They Travel

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