5 Types of People Who Would Enjoy the Beyond the Bricks Tour


5 Types of People who would enjoy the Beyond the Bricks Tour

I had the opportunity to take the “Beyond the Bricks” tour presented by the guides for the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall. While the building is under construction with renovations, you have the opportunity to learn to appreciate the fine points of the building like never before. The “Beyond the Bricks’ tour takes you on a 90 minute outdoor tour around Cincinnati Music Hall that will open your eyes to important details that can so be easily overlooked.

I was really interested in this tour because I have so many memories inside AND outside of Cincinnati Music Hall. It was the location of my first symphony as a student, multiple concerts, and a beautiful backdrop in many of my pictures while creating lots of memories with family and friends at Washington Park.

The “Beyond the Bricks” tour starts in Washington Park directly across from Music Hall. Each tour attendee gets an earpiece with receiver to make it easier to hear the guide on the microphone and a button to identify you as part of the group. You will work your way around each side of the building as your guide draws attention to different sections of Music Hall and it’s surrounding neighborhood.  I thought that I noticed a lot of detail but this tour opened my eyes to see that I’ve still missed so much!


So who would like this tour?


Someone Who Appreciates Architecture- Cincinnati Music Hall is truly a work of art in it’s design. You will learn about the specific design styles and the construction that make this building so magnificent. The tour will primarily focus on Cincinnati Music Hall but you will also learn about nearby buildings that also have stories to tell and details to be discovered.

Someone Who Enjoys History- I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the history of the building with images and story. It really helps you visualize what the landscape looked like when you stand in the same spot and look at an image of what was once there. You will also learn more about the key players in the community at the time of it’s inception.


Someone Who is Curious- Have you ever wondered what Cincinnati was like “back in the day”? The tour will open your eyes to not only Music Hall but the surrounding neighborhood in the year of 1878 and beyond. You will also learn more about this door picture above. Curious yet?…’ll have to take the tour to find out.


Someone With Cincinnati Ties – If you grew up around Cincinnati, you will appreciate what you learn on the tour even more. I grew up in the Cincinnati area and have learned so much from taking local tours. The tours have also given me a greater appreciation of the things that make Cincinnati interesting and unique from guides who are passionate about preserving landmarks around Cincinnati and sharing their love of beautiful buildings.

Someone Who Enjoys Sharing Interesting Facts- After you take the tour, you will not be able to look at Cincinnati Music Hall the same way. You will also know more than most of your friends, so you will sound really smart when you talk about the “belt course” on the building….unless your friends were on the tour with you.

Someone Who Appreciates a Good Value- The tours are only $20 and you also get a discount offered at Revolution Rotisserie and Bottles & Baskets when you show your souvenir tour button afterwards.

Someone Who Has FOMO – What’s FOMO? (fear of missing out!) The Beyond the Brick tours are only offered for a very limited time so you don’t want to miss your opportunity.

You only have a few more chances to take a tour this fall so don’t miss your chance!

Thu, Oct 20, 2016 – 4:00PM
Sat, Oct 22, 2016 – 10:00AM
Thu, Oct 27, 2016 – 4:00PM
Sat, Oct 29, 2016 – 10:00AM

You can find out more about the Beyond the Bricks Tour at Cincinnati Music Hall from their website.

 5 Types of People who would enjoy the Beyond the Bricks Tour at Cincinnati Music Hall

This post is sponsored by the Society for the Preservation of Music Hall. All opinions are my own. 


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