A Christmas Carol ~ Playhouse in the Park

Growing up in the Cincinnati area, I was vaguely familiar with Playhouse in the Park but this year was the first year that I actually experienced it. Since moving back to the area, I have enjoyed taking in all of the incredible theaters that our area has to offer. “A Christmas Carol” at Playhouse in the Park was something that I was aware of but had never experienced.

After watching the show, I now realize why this is an annual tradition for so many families. This is the 23rd production of “A Christmas Carol’ at Playhouse in the Park which has given multiple generations the opportunity to share their love of this performance.



{Ebenezer Scrooge (Bruce Cromer), invisible to the images from his past, celebrates with the guests at the Fezziwigs’ Christmas party}


Prior to the show, the lobby was set up to create some fun photo memories with Christmas Carol cutouts.


photo 1-7


The actors were fantastic and the versatile stage was also really intriguing to watch. I thought it would just be a nice village scene in the background but the village set actually moved around and the floor also dropped at times to bring forth new props and characters. That element added so much to the production.