It’s A Beautiful Day – Our 1st U2 Concert

It's A Beautiful Day - Our 1st U2 Concert

My husband and I have been HUGE U2 fans since highschool.  We had both never been to one of their concerts so when I saw they were coming to Michigan, at a location an hour away, I knew we had to figure out a way to cross this one off the list.

After some creative financing, we decided to forgo mother’s day and father’s day gifts in leu of the tickets. So with the extra money we had from gifts we didn’t have to buy and a $50 giftcard my hubby got from work,we got the cheapest/best seats we could find on stubhub. We got seats behind the stage toward the center. Normally not  an option but with a 360 degree stage you really don’t have a bad seat in the stadium.

We got to the city early and scored free parking in a nearby residental neighborhood. We walked around Michigan State’s campus a bit and then used our giftcard to BW3’s before the concert. We were seated near some U2 fans also going to the concert. They had a die hard u2 fan who invited himself to sit at their table as we overheard  him loudly share his supreme knowledge of all things U2. We’re not at that die hard fan level yet.

On our walk to the stadium I started to regret my choice in shoes. I chose low wedges with straps. I didn’t think the afternoon miles would be a big deal but the back of my ankles still have scars months later. I’m a sucker for style over function.

So anyway we made our way to our backless bleacher seats. Not my favorite, but who was going to be sitting anyway? The opener was Florence and the Machine. She has a unique style and with the huge screens overhead you really felt closer than you were.

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We’ve have both been to a lot of concerts but nothing prepared us for the concert experience we were about to share. As Bono came out with the band it was one of those surreal moments where you can’t believe you are getting to see a band you have always wanted to see live.

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Bono and the rest of the band really played to all sides of the crowd during the concert. I was SUPER jealous of the people in the inner pit who had the band walking over them as they sang on the movable platform stage bridges. I kept reminding myself I was just glad to be there.

CIMG0513 1 e1316429368204

The band combined lights,media,social justice and even an astronaut during the performance.

long screen

I have never seen a screeen so huge that transformed into different shapes and sizes.

CIMG0515 1

We were excited,inspired and just blown away by the 2 hr sensory overload.

CIMG0517 1

On our way home that night we couldn’t stop talking about all of the ways they presented so many of our favorite songs by the band. I am so glad we created a way to make our dream concert possible. I love the quote “If it’s important to you, you can find a way. If it’s not, you can find an excuse.”  So my encouragement to you is figure out what’s getting in the way of your dream concert.

check out U2 if they are on your bucket list



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