Spontaneous Date Night

I recently saw an article in a Grand Rapids magazine featuring a local artist who lives downtown who creates libre inspired art featuring women. I had to laugh out loud because we went to his loft on a spontaneous date night. Our kids were invited to spend the night at their cousins last second around 8ish. I immediately began researching fun options because I was not going to waste a kid-free night. It’s a beautiful thing not to pay for childcare.  So after checking out the options, I narrowed it down to an indy band playing at what seemed to be a Mexican restaurant down town. It was close to a sketchy area of town but that doesn’t really phase us. We went to a college in the ghetto in Dallas where we witnessed our first drive by together while walking on the track. Romantic huh?

I had written down the address along with the name of the restaurant but we could not seem to find it. So finally I asked a group of people inside what look like a store front. Turns out we had crashed a mustache party complete with mustache hors d’oeuvres. The hostess guided us thru her party to the back door and told us he lived upstairs.


So now we are going to someone’s home! We had to go up the stairs anyway to leave to our car so we decided to follow the music to the door instead.  It was really awkward because the music was low key and we walked into someone’s loft living space. We were charged $5 at the door and told we could sit or stand wherever we wanted.

CIMG0214 2

We stood for a while and then sat on the couch. It was a true bachelor pad with true bachelor furniture; backless couch cushions in all. As we sat packed in closely to a room full of strangers, we couldn’t help but notice that -1. most people seemed to know at least a few people there and- 2. there were a lot of  libre style canvases all over the walls.

CIMG0215 1

So here we are sitting in a strangers ‘s home, on his couch, listening to a band we’ve never heard of while gazing at art with women in wrestling masks. It was comical and awkward to say the least. After about an hour or so there we gradually slipped out of his home back to our house. We did have an unpredictable date night to change up the temptation to do something less out of the box. I’m glad we went anyway and no doubt will think about our date night every time I watch Nacho Libre with our boys.

CIMG0211 1

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