Biscuits to Burgers at the RiverCenter in Covington

Biscuits to Burgers at the RiverCenter in Covington

Sometimes you want breakfast in the morning and sometimes you want breakfast for dinner. At Biscuits to Burgers, you can enjoy breakfast all day long with biscuits that are made from scratch every day… and you still have plenty of options if you are in the mood for a burger or milkshake.

Biscuits to Burgers in Covington

Located at Covington’s RiverCenter in Northern Kentucky, Biscuits to Burgers has plenty of seating inside and out. If you want to walk off your meal, you are steps away from the Roebling Bridge that has a pedestrian sidewalk and connects to Smale Park on the Cincinnati, Ohio side.

Biscuits to Burgers Breakfast


If you are in the mood for breakfast, the Chicken & Biscuit (Panko crusted chicken on BB’s signature biscuit topped with sausage gravy) is a great option if you are really hungry. There are still plenty of breakfast menu items if you prefer to eat on the lighter side.

Build your own burgers e1526180985582Build Your Own Burger

You can create the burger of your dreams choosing from protein, style (bun or greens), cheese, sauce, toppings, and sides. You can be as healthy or unhealthy as you want to be…or somewhere in between.

Dynamite Burger at Biscuits to Burgers

Burger on a Biscuit!

Another food 1st! I wanted the spicey Dynamite burger (Ghost pepper cheese, crispy onion strings, shaved jalapeño, Sriracha mayo) BUT I was also curious about a burger on a biscuit ….so of course, I had to try it! I liked the combination..the biscuit crumbled a little but that was expected and still delicious.

5050 fries Biscuits to Burgers

The Best of Both Worlds

How many times have you wanted a little bit of each type of fry? At Biscuits to Burgers, you don’t have to choose or share because the burgers come with fries and you have the option of 50/50 (half seasoned fries/half sweet potato fries) at no additional charge.

Milkshake at Biscuits to Burgers

Sweat Treat

And if you are still hungry you can try one of the milkshakes, like this one that comes with a half a donut on top.

Outdoor Seating at Biscuits to Burgers

Enjoy the great weather outside

Biscuits to Burgers has a great outdoor seating area and even has live music on specific nights.

Biscuits to Burgers at RiverCenter

More Information

You can find out more about Biscuits to Burgers from their website.

Thanks again to Biscuits to Burgers for hosting our tasting. All opinions are my own. 

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Biscuits to Burgers at the RiverCenter in Covington KY


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