Check Out The Big Coney at Gold Star Chili

Check Out The Big Coney at Gold Star Chili

I recently had the opportunity to try Gold Star Chili’s newest menu item, “The Big Coney.”

So what is it?

The Big Coney is a 10″ long hot dog with Cincinnati ingredients.  The bun is made by Klosterman Baking Company and the hot dog is created locally by Blue Grass Quality Meats and of course it’s topped with Gold Star Chili and LOTS of cheese!

The BIGGER, the BETTER, right???!!!

The Big Coney at Gold Star Chili

My husband ordered two of The Big Coneys and then discovered how BIG they really were! One is plenty unless you are REALLY hungry!

Try it Before It’s Gone!

The Big Coney will be around for a limited time this summer and comes as a great value! For $6.99 you get The Big Coney, crinkle-cut fries, and a drink.


Ready to try The Big Coney?

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Check out the Gold Star Chili website to find a location near you!


Thanks again to Gold Star Chili for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 


Check Out The Big Coney at Gold Star Chili 2

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