A First Timer’s Guide to White Rock Park in Indiana

My friend Karen has visited White Rock Park in Indiana several times this summer and I asked her to share some tips for families visiting for the first time.

I really want to go there and I think many of you will want to add this destination to your summer bucket list after you see her pictures as well.

Floating docks at White Rock Park in Indiana, IN

What activities can you do there?

There are 2 ziplines, 1 rope swing, 4 different height platforms for cliff diving( 10ft, 15ft, 25ft, and 30ft), swimming, and scuba diving at the main lake.

The other two lakes are for fishing

What if you don’t want to try those activities?

There are several floating docks to layout on, rest at, or to cheer on your friends going off of the platforms/zip lines/rope swing.

Floating dock at White Rock Park in Indiana, IN

Do you wear shoes when you jump?

I have never worn water shoes…I always wear gym shoes when I canoe…but water shoes would be amazing there.

My son wears his gym shoes, but we wear flip-flops. I HIGHLY recommend some sort of shoes to wear walking around the quarry.

The gravel is sharp and painful.

Can you bring floats?

Floats are allowed.
We have a pizza slice, donuts a mom mesh noodle float.
They have a free pump.
Personal floats allowed at White Rock Park in Indiana, IN

Are there lifeguards at White Rock Park?

No lifeguards on duty…but lots of staff driving around continuously watching for safety concerns.

Scuba divers are on sight for safety.

They check the water for safety hazards and recover things dropped on the bottom.

It’s the ONLY reason I go head first. Lots of local dive shops use that quarry as their certification site.

They also rent life jackets.

Is there food there or do you pack your own?

We pack food…but they have a food truck there.

Do they allow alcohol?

No glass allowed.

Be prepared to have your vehicle searched for hard alcohol and glass.

Beer is allowed….but must stay behind the quarry lines.

You can’t walk to the platforms or zip lines/rope swings, water area with alcohol in your hands.

Even if your only spectating.

Oh…take your ID if you plan on drinking.

They give wrist ties.

We were early enough to park close…so we had our chair/food area set up at our car.

 Any additional items to bring?

We pack folding chairs, but towels and blankets are good too.
Diving wells with platforms at White Rock Park in Indiana, IN

*no pets allowed

How is the safety?

They really do try to do a good job monitoring the grounds and safety.

Waivers must be signed by everyone.

Guardians must sign waivers for minors.

Everyone 18 and older must have an ID.

What do you love the most about your visits there?

For me…it’s a chance to relive my childhood.

There’s nowhere I know of where I can freely go and play on platforms.

Miami University and IUPUI have diving wells with platforms, but I don’t know if the public has access to them.

I haven’t been able to play on platforms in 25 years and it’s been a blast getting up there and throwing a handful of dives.

How far is White Rock Park from Cincinnati?

Almost an hour and a half.

Not much further than canoeing in Brookville.

White Rock Park is located at 7080 S 750 E, St Paul, IN.

White Rock Park in Indiana, IN

What is the cost?

(Pricing accurate at the time of posting -check the website to confirm pricing)

***CASH ONLY- there are no ATM machines nearby


$15 per person, per day for 10 years old and up Mon-Fri/ $20 Sat, Sun, & Holidays

$12 per day for 6 – 9 years old

FREE for 5 years old and under

(The $15 fee gives you unlimited access to all jumps, zip-lines, and rope swing)

** Anyone entering the park and not swimming is still required to pay the $15 entrance fee


$10 per person, per night

$25 per family per night (two parents and their children)

-Required entrance/swimming fee of $15 is required for day before or after when camping

-Late check-in: $5 per person for checking-in after regular check-in times


$12 per person  (12 hour session, 2 pole limit, 5 fish limit)

Scuba diving:

$15 per person (includes swimming, must be certified)

   *White Rock Park does not rent gear or fill air tan

 Thanks again to Karen for sharing her adventure!

You can find out more about White Rock Park from their website.

 A First Timer's Guide to White Rock Park in Indiana, IN

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  1. Hi John, never been to this park, actually just heard of this park for scuba diving. Just a few questions regarding the scuba diving there, depth, visibility and rough water temp?


  2. Hello, Karen,

    My name is John and I run Aquatic Dreams Diving and am also in charge of the safety divers on-site. We’re the folks you see checking things out underwater, searching for lost objects, and act as the first response team on site. Thank you very much for sharing your experience and we love to see word of White Rock spread. I’m based in Northern Kentucky and love to see people from down here head to White Rock to go jumping and swimming and just enjoying the place as much as we do.

    Just a quick note to anyone thinking of diving there, there are some basic safety rules for divers in the park because of our swimming and jumping customers so if anyone comes up for diving, please ask for me or my divers and we can share some information with you.

    Also feel free to email or reach out to me if you do have questions, happy to answer anything! Have a great day!

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