Chipotle Picky Eater Challenge

Chipotle Picky Eater Challenge

One of my least favorite questions that my kids ask me every day is “What’s for dinner?” ….followed up by disgust at the options that I suggest.

If one kid likes it…the other one doesn’t like it.

That means that at least one kid tends to be unhappy at mealtime.


Picky Eater Challenge

My family was invited to take the Picky Eater Challenge from Chipotle and my boys were more than happy to take the challenge.

They each got to pick their burrito, their way. They were excited to be in control of their toppings.


One of my sons LOVES guacamole, rice, cheese, chicken and black beans. The other likes his burrito with steak, cheese, lettuce and pinto beans.


My favorite is always the burrito bowl with carnitas, rice, lettuce, cheese, all of the salsas (extra heat) and guacamole.


Everyone was happy and I got out of cooking. It’s also nice to know that your kids are eating a healthy meal that’s even healthier now that Chipotle has committed to removing all GMO’s.


You can find out more about Chipotle menu options for your picky eater from their website.



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