Don’t leave Columbus without stopping at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

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When you visit Columbus you need to make sure that a visit to Jeni’s is on your list. Over the summer I was in Columbus for a work trip and Jeni’s was our first stop. I had heard good things about Jeni’s for a while and was curious about why there was so much buzz about their ice cream.



I’ve been to three different Jeni locations during two separate trips to Columbus.

I joined a co worker on a work trip and decided to make Jeni’s our first stop when we reached Columbus.

Now that I think about it…. I’ve actually visited 4-5 Jeni’s locations!

We were going to go to the location in the German Village but we found out that there were more flavors downtown which made us decide to check out the Short North location for our 1st official tasting.




The hardest part is deciding on what flavors to pick because Jeni’s offers such unique combinations.


Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams


These were my two picks.






The philosophy behind the ice cream makes you love it even more!

We build our ice creams from the ground up with milk from grass-grazed cows and whole ingredients that we blend, bake, peel, chop, skin, pulverize, and blowtorch ourselves. We use no flavorings, chemical dyes, or off-the-shelf ice cream mixes. We cut no corners, we take no shortcuts. We never have, we never will.




Many of the combinations are designed to pair well together which gives your pallet overstimulation ….in a good way!


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One of my observations from visiting 4-5 locations was that all of the staff appeared to genuinely enjoy their job and they had an endless amount of patience when customers sample different flavors… they even encourage it because they want each customer to have the best experience possible.




Definitely, try as many samples as possible because you might enjoy a flavor that would normally be out of your culinary comfort zone.




We visited another location as our last stop before we left town after our ZipRush canopy tour at Zip Zone.




This past fall my family went to Columbus to visit friends,and go to  COSI, and the Columbus Zoo. I also had my family try Jeni’s for the 1st time as our official last stop before we left town.




Take my advice and don’t leave Columbus without trying Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Your taste buds will thank me for it!


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You can find out more about Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams from their website.




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