What to Expect When You Visit a Cat Cafe for the First Time

What to Expect When You Visit a Cat Cafe for the First Time

I’ll admit that I tend to be more of a dog person, but cats have really grown on me over the years.

My experience has been that dogs tend to be pretty easy to win over. Cats tend to enjoy making you work a little more for their affection.

Our family doesn’t own any pets, but we do love to visit other people’s dogs at the dog park. Now we can visit cats…and even potentially take them home with us.

We had a great time. I’m sharing tips to help you make the most out of your first visit.

So What is a Cat Cafe?

You can enjoy a drink or snack and play with adoptable cats.

At Kitty Brew, their goal is to provide premium, organic café drinks and encourage the adoption of homeless cats.

Through a partnership with the Animal Friends Humane Society, they can help save lives and provide an interactive experience for potential adopters and animal lovers alike.

This partnership benefits both the human and animal communities. They provide great products to their customers and forever homes for homeless cats.

boy with kitten at kitty brew cat cafe

Your visit can help save a cat’s life

The admission fee helps with operational costs and the care of the cats. Your participation in a cat cafe helps give a cat a second chance.

cats at Kitty Brew Cafe

The cats in the cafe go through a screening process

All of the cats that you encounter at the cafe are:

  • spayed/neutered
  • microchipped for identification
  • fully vaccinated
  • tested for Feline Leukemia
  • personality tested

We also found lots of hand sanitizer around the room which was a nice touch.

black cat on purple chair at kitty brew cat cafe

Make a reservation ahead of time to secure your desired time slot

Kids’ days are very popular and fill up quickly. They do take walk-ins. If they are at capacity you will have to come back during a different time slot.

cats sleeping at kitty brew cat cafe

You will be happy to discover that it doesn’t smell like the cat house at the zoo.

…Because if it did, they wouldn’t have customers.

Cat cafes work really hard to ensure that the building doesn’t smell like a giant litter box.

coffee drink from Kitty Brew Cafe

The food and drinks are served in a separate area

That was a bit of a relief because I was envisioning cats walking around where the food is prepared.

You can order a drink from the cafe located next door. Then you can bring it back over to the area where the cats roam at your own risk.

The coffee is fair trade and pretty fantastic.

cat at Kitty Brew Cafe

Bring your camera

You will definitely want to capture special moments with your new furry friends.

kitten at Kitty Brew Cafe cat cafe

Cat Cafes can help reduce anxiety

This is a wonderful place to visit if you’ve had a stressful day.

A visit to a cat cafe helps you slow down and enjoy relaxing with the cats.

cat at Kitty Brew Cafe cat cafe

You won’t connect with every cat you encounter and that’s ok 

Cats have different personalities and temperaments just like people.

There is a pretty good chance that you will find one that leaves a special place in your heart.

Cats available to adopt at Kitty Brew Cafe

Check out the cat’s stories on the wall

You will learn more about the story of each cat in the cafe. Guests also learn what the process is like if you want to adopt it.

cats that were adopted at Kitty Brew Cafe

There is a good chance that you will want to bring one home with you

If you do, your cat’s image will be added to the adoption tree.

Within 4 months of opening, Kitty Brew Cat Cafe helped connect 168 cats with permanent homes with loving families.

The adoption process and fees can vary depending on the agency where the cat came from.

Kitty Brew Cafe

You can find out more about Kitty Brew Cat Cafe from their website.

Kitty Brew Cat Cafe is located at 6011 Tylersville Rd. Mason, Ohio 45040 Suites 6&7.

Thanks again to Kitty Brew Cat Cafe for hosting our visit.

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What to Expect When You Visit a Cat Cafe  for the First Time

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