Look for these exhibits during your next visit to COSI

Look for these exhibits during your next visit to COSI 1

We recently brought friends to COSI (Center of Science Industry) in Columbus, OH for the first time. Over the years we’ve found that we have several exhibits and activities that we try to experience each time we visit. I’m sharing some of our favorites to add to your list during your first visit.

COSI Pendulum

Watch the Pendulum knock over a ball

The pendulum is fascinating to watch in action. Located at the entrance, Cosi’s Foucault Pendulum knocks over 2 balls about every 15 minutes. It takes over 18.5 hours to knock off all 144 balls because COSI is located about 40 degrees north latitude between the North Pole and the equator.

Rat Basketball e1490307573298

Watch a Game of Rat Basketball

I know that it’s random, but rat basketball is highly entertaining to watch and also very educational. Learn more about behavior conditioning and positive reinforcement as you watch rats play basketball during a demo at COSI in Columbus.

YouTube video

Get there a little early so that you have a good seat. You don’t want to miss rat basketball during your visit!

COSI unicycle

Ride a Unicycle on a High Wire

This adventure looks extreme but it’s extremely safe and a great way to build confidence. It’s also still fun for adults to try too. The line for this popular attraction can get long so take advantage of a short line if you see it.

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COSI’s high wire unicycle is only one in the world and takes you across an 84-foot cable while 17 feet above the ground. You don’t have the worry about staying balanced because the unicycle’s 250-pound counterweight does the balancing for you.

Lift a car at COSI

Lift a Car at Big Science Outdoor Park

Discover how science can help you lift 2,437 pound car at the Big Science Outdoor Park. Step outside for a bit and enjoy the weather while you explore hands on outdoor exhibits and play.

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Trick your mind at the Life Lab

Make sure that you take a few moments to experience the hands on exhibit that will trick your mind and senses. Seriously, these exhibits will blow your mind!

submarine at COSI

Sit inside a Submarine

In the Oceans exhibit you can climb into an actual submarine and learn more about how a sonar works. Explore the wonders under the sea with exhibits that use real hands on technology.

Be the Astronaut Exhibit at COSI

Explore Special Exhibits

COSI does a great job of bringing in special exhibits all year long for guests to enjoy which gives you an excuse to come back. Check out COSI’s Cosmic Summer May 27th – September 4th. The “Be the Astronaut” exhibit allows guests to explore space through the eyes of an astronaut. Take on an interactive mission from virtual crew members that will submerge you into another world.

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COSI has so much to see and do! I recommend getting a daily schedule when you arrive so that you don’t miss out.

You can find out more about COSI from their website. 

Thanks again to COSI for sponsoring this post.

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Look for these exhibits during your next visit to COSI 2

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