How I fit all of my ski clothes in a carry on suitcase


How I fit all of my ski clothes in a carry on suitcase

I LOVE traveling but there always seems to be a part of my brain that shuts down when I’m trying to pack ALL of my clothing options into a suitcase. I’m a habitual overpacker because I tend to want to be prepared for any fashion emergency. My trip to the Pocono Mountains presented a packing challenge. I needed to fit ALL of my clothing options in one carry on suitcase. My challenge was that I didn’t want to pay the extra baggage fee for a 4 day trip. I’ve always previously driven to winter destinations so that I could overpack without limits but this trip was not an enjoyable driving distance for my time constraints.

Packing for a cold weather destination is tricky because you need bulkier clothing and shoes that can take up a lot of space. (Winter boots, Regular boots, gym shoes, sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans, yoga pants, etc.)

So how did I achieve what seemed impossible in a carry on suitcase????

carry on suitcase full of clothes

So here is my secret to creating more space in a carry on.

I used GetOutfitted to rent my ski gear instead of packing it.

What’s GetOutfitted?


GetOutfitted is a company that rents ski clothing and gear. They can ship directly to your resort and offer free shipping and free returns to anywhere in the US.

Renting ski gear had many benefits for my girls weekend ski trip.

1. I had more space in my carry on. My carry on had more room for the rest of my clothes without having to pack a Ski Jacket, ski pants, goggles and gloves.

carry on luggage at airport

2. My ski gear was in style. GetOutfitted has a variety of styles to choice from on the website that are all current.

clothing from GetOutfitted

3. My ski gear rentals were from top quality brands. Buying top brand ski gear is really expensive. Renting ski gear gives you the quality without the big price tag.

gear from GetOutfitted

4. My gear fit (some of my old gear was a little snug) The website gives a sizing chart which helps you find the gear that is best for you. When in doubt, opt for the larger size. It’s better for gear to be a little loose than too tight to move.

Get Outfitted rental gear

5. There are different style options to choose from on the website which allowed my friend and I to select different brands, styles and color for our jackets.

Get Outfitted rental

ski clothes GetOutfitted6. My gear was shipped directly to the resort I was staying at

GetOutfitted box

7. Our shipment included a few treats to try on the slopes.

GetOutfitted snacks

8. I LOVED the color and how comfortable my gear was. There were plenty of pockets to hold everything I needed and the jacket was really soft.

Rental gear GetOutfitted

9. When I was done with the gear, I just place it inside the prepaid mailing bag.

return mailing bag GetOutfitted

10. The gear was mailed easily from the resort I was staying at by handing it to the person at the front desk.

GetOutfitted return bags

The gear from GetOutfitted made our girls weekend skiing even more enjoyable.

Rental gear

You can find out more about renting snow gear from Get Outfitted from their website.




Disclosure: I received a complimentary rentals for review purposes. All opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. 

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