Frozen Views of the Ohio River

There are some situations that you have to take advantage of it that moment, otherwise you could miss out on them forever.

Frozen Ohio River 1

How many times do we see something and think that we will get back to it only to discover that we forgot about it or we no longer have time to do it or that the moment is no longer there.

Frozen Ohio River 5

I was faced with one of those moments on my way to Sandusky, Ohio. I was driving across the bridge from Northern Kentucky into Cincinnati, Ohio and I noticed how incredible the Ohio River looked frozen over. I was on my way out of town and I knew that there was a good chance that this scene would not be waiting for me when I returned so I decided to quickly deviate my route and take a few minutes to get a few shots of this incredible wonder.

Frozen Ohio River 2

I grew up in the area and this is not a scene that I can recall many times in my lifetime.

Frozen Ohio River 3

I still arrived at my destination on time….but first I had to stop for one more frozen view. This time it was to see 98% frozen Lake Erie in the backyard of Sawmill Creek Resort.

Frozen Lake Erie

Hope you get to take a little time to enjoy the view where you are.

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