Get back your summer with the DRYPro Waterproof Cast Cover

Get back your summer with the DRYPro Waterproof Cast Cover

I LOVE Summer!  Longer hours of sunlight, campfires, warm weather and LOTS of hours at the pool.

That became a problem when my son broke his arm at a birthday party at the beginning of summer….. and due to the degree of his brake, he was not given a waterproof cast.

Then summer looked a lot different immediately.

Hot days spent inside the house in the AC because we couldn’t enjoy anything outside that involved water and hot weather isn’t fun when you can’t get wet.

That’s when a DRYPro Waterproof Cast Cover gave us back our summer.

DRYPro 6

A DRYPro Waterproof Cast Cover allows you to swim or shower with a regular cast.

So how does it work?


First, you want to measure the area of the injury according to the directions online so that you have the correct size.

DRYPro 2

Next, it is recommended that you slide a sock over the cast so that the DRYPro is easier to get on and also so that the cast doesn’t damage the DRYPro.

DRYPro 9

After you slide on the arm case, you remove the air with the little pump which creates a vacuum seal that prevents the cast from getting wet or slipping.

DRYPro 5

DRYPro 3

Now the test.

To go into the water.

DRYPro 4

So what was it like for my son to FINALLY swim after being stuck inside for a few weeks?

This smile says it all!

DRYPro 11

I checked his cast after taking off the DRYPro and his cast was dry.

The very top part of the sock was slightly damp which I think had more to do with how high up his cast went on his arm.

I emailed a DRYPro rep and learned a few things that are useful for next time.

*You need to have the cover all the way over the cast so that the opening is lying flat around the skin.

His rolled a little bit at the top which was more my error.

*You can also check that the seal doesn’t break when they move their arm up and down.

*If you’re able to create a vacuum seal, wait a few mins before submerging it in water just to make sure the seal is still tight.

*Also check to see that the seal does not break when they move their arm up and down.

DRYPro 10

This product really solves a problem that a lot of people experience when faced with a broken bone or injury.

DRYPro Arm Cast and Bandage Covers start at $35.95 and have a 90-day guarantee.

The ability to bath or swim with a cast on is PRICELESS!


You can find out more about the DryPro from their website. 


Disclosure: I was given a DryPro for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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