Haunted Covington Ghost Walking Tour

haunted covington tour in Northern Kentucky

A few weeks ago, I got to join other media for a ghost tour. The area that the tour took place at was less than 15 minutes from where I grew up in the Greater Cincinnati area. I had no idea of the history that was revealed during the tour.

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Our tour began in the parking lot of the Baker-Hunt Art and Cultural Center in Covington, KY.

We then moved across the street and learned about a residence that had several incidents of paranormal encounters.  The guides were great at storytelling and giving the history of the area and the residences of interest.

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One of the first things I noticed during our walking tour was the beautiful architecture. Some of the residences looked like they could be the backdrops for a scary movie.

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The tour covers about 5 blocks with several stops to hear about the former residents and tragic stories that unfolded.

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The tour also gives you some great views of the city of Cincinnati to take in.

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During our last two stops of the tour, I also discovered that there is a museum inside the Baker Hunt building.  How did I not know that there was a museum here growing up????

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I vaguely knew of the art classes offered there but had no idea that this was right under my nose growing up in there area.  Baker Hunt has been an arts and cultural center for almost 90 years.

There are classes offered to the community year-round in various forms of art.  It was also the former residence and endowment gift of Margaretta Baker Hunt. The museum area displays many of the Hunt’s items displayed during that era.

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The two properties have been rumored to have encounters with ghosts.  The story goes that Margaretta saw ghosts while living in the home. She lost her only child, a daughter at age 15 and five years later she became a widow in 1898.

To be honest I’m not one who does well with scary movies or loves to be scared at haunted houses. This tour was the perfect compromise.

The tour had stories of real people and real encounters. It also had alleged ones which made it even more intriguing. I am also glad that no one jumped out of the bushes at any point during the tour.

**The Haunted Covington tour is going on until the end of October during weekends. The tour lasts between 60-90 minutes depending on the size of the group.  This is the 2nd year that American Legacy Tours has done a haunted tour.  Check their website for details.

American Legacy tours offer several different themed tours throughout the year. Check out their website to plan your visit.

Thanks again to American Legacy tours for hosting my tour.  

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