How Clean Eatz is Helping Us Eat Healthier

I have the best intentions when it comes to eating healthier, but I also don’t enjoy cooking.

This is why Clean Eatz has been a game-changer for our family. They provide fresh, healthy meals without the work, at an affordable price. They say that abs are made in the kitchen and the first step is healthy food.

How Clean Eatz is Helping Us Eat Healthier

When I was invited to experience complimentary meals from the weekly plan from Clean Eatz Newport for the first time, I knew that I didn’t have much to lose… and I’ve been giving them my money every week, ever since.

Clean Eatz was cofounded by Evonne Varady with a mission to change people’s lives.

“We do this by serving up nutritionally-balanced meals and providing constant education on healthy lifestyle habits that fit our customers’ individual goals.”

meal from Clean Eatz

I Only Cook Because I Have To…Not Because I Want To

Can you relate?

I have friends who find cooking to be very therapeutic. It’s intuitive to them and they enjoy making a meal to help them unwind from their day.

For me, coming up with ideas for daily dinners has the opposite effect because it stresses me out. I have zero ideas and inspiration. I also find that I never have all the ingredients on the rare occasion that I want to try a recipe…which leads to grocery shopping which I really don’t enjoy when I’m uninspired.

The worst question ever is “What’s for dinner?” when I honestly haven’t thought about it all day because I’ve been consumed with other projects.

That pattern has resulted in fast options, typically processed foods from a box or frozen, that weren’t the healthiest options.

I’ve also had seasons where I’ve REALLY tried to make healthy meals for our family.

Each time that I’ve previously tried to make healthy meals at home I spent a lot of time in the kitchen and $$$ ….and no one liked it…and I didn’t want to cook anyway…which was extra frustrating.

Cue my introduction to Clean Eatz.

Cafe Newport KY Clean Eatz

You Can Choose Your Clean Eatz Dining Experience

Clean Eatz provides 3 options for dining:

  • Weekly Meal Plan (pre-ordered refrigerated meals)
  • Grab ‘N’ Go Freezer Meals
  • Cafe
Buffalo Mac n cheese

Clean Eatz Has New Meal Plans Each Week

We’ll start with the perks of the weekly meal plans from Clean Eatz.

You can order new meals from the new weekly meal plan from Thursday until midnight on Sunday. Meal pick-up is on Sunday or Monday.

If you are a procrastinator like me…you have until midnight on Sunday to order items from that week’s specific meal plan.

Your meals are pulled from the refrigerator and bagged up for you once you arrive.

The new menu plan is announced each Thursday and I like seeing the images on the Clean Eatz Facebook page to help decide what I will want to order. You can also get a reminder of the new clean eatz plans on Thursday for the following week by providing your email address.

You can order your weekly meals online. (Make sure that you search “Clean Eatz” not “Clean Eats” as commonly misspelled)

*Special Requests/ Customized meals are picked up on Tuesdays.

  •  Low Carb (extra vegetable)
  •  Extra Protein (+ $1.50 per meal)
refrigerated meals from Clean Eatz

You Don’t Have to Meal Prep With Clean Eatz

I’ve tried a few of the healthy meal kits before but I found them to still be really time-consuming and they created more of a mess in my kitchen between the meal prep and clean up. I needed something that worked for our busy lifestyles.

abs are made in the kitchen sign at Clean Eatz

Portioned Controlled Meals

I need portion-controlled meals because I have no concept of portion control.

My mom grew up in the south and if you didn’t eat seconds or thirds, that meant that you probably didn’t like the meal.

Growing up my mom bought in bulk so that we would always have an abundance of food ready on hand in case anyone stopped by. Cue the secondary refrigerator and giant deep freezer stocked with tempting food and desserts in bulk.

I also like to eat like my teenage boys… but I don’t have their metabolisms…or my mom’s. I need healthy boundaries when it comes to food.

Exercise isn’t hard for me, it’s the food part. I want to get to a point where I’m 80/20 NOT 20/80. (80% healthy/ 20% splurge foods.)

If you’ve seen my Instagram, you know that I love to eat out when I travel and also love to find local dining gems at home too. These are typically not the healthy option.

I’m not giving those up, so it’s what I do with the 80% at home for the other meals that I can modify for a healthy lifestyle.

Big Boy 2.0 Bowl

No Math Required

The meals plan options balance protein, carbs, and fats and are already portion sized.

(All of the meals are typically 500 calories or less)

You don’t have to guess or figure out the points because they already have that information for you.

They break down the following:

  • Calories
  • Fat
  • Carbs
  • Protein
  • Points
meal from Clean Eatz

Eating Your Veggies is Easier

I’m definitely pickier when it comes to vegetables and when I’m in charge of cooking, an abundance of cooked vegetables aren’t always present.

My husband also likes that there is a vegetable with every meal which I wasn’t always great at doing. I’m not cooking him zucchini because I don’t like zucchini. You can order different meals according to your preferences.

So he just chose the meal with the zucchini in it for the WIN!

meal from Clean Eatz

No Prep, No Mess

No food prep or clean-up. It’s a beautiful thing. We also don’t waste food by throwing away leftovers anymore either. It’s like having a personal chef without the high cost.

meal at Clean Eatz

How to Heat Up Your Meal From Clean Eatz

We use the microwave option the most to heat our meals because we can eat our dinner in under 3 minutes.

You have 3 options for heating up your meal.

  • Microwave – Remove sleeve. Vent film. Microwave for 2-3 minutes in 1000 watt microwave. Stir the meal (if applicable). Heat in 30-second increments until desired temperature is reached. 
  • Stove-top – Transfer to skillet, heat on low for 5-10 minutes. Add water if necessary and cover. Stir occasionally.
  • Oven – Transfer to oven-safe pan. Bake at 325 for 15-20 minutes.

*Meals should be heated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

meals from Clean Eatz

You Can Recycle Your Containers

After your meals, you can rinse out the containers and put them in your recycling bin.

You can also keep a few extra containers around for when you’re looking for a container to use for leftovers that you won’t need back.

meal from Clean Eatz

Did My Family Like Clean Eatz?

Yes, there were some meals that they liked more than others. My youngest son is probably the pickiest eater in our family so we’ve let him choose items from the weekly meal plan that he thinks he’ll actually eat.

We’ve also bought him a variety of frozen meals at Clean Eatz and added a few frozen meals from Kroger.

My husband and I really love how easy dinner is for both of us.

meal from Clean Eatz

Why Was This A Good Time For Our Family to Switch to Dinners From Clean Eatz?

Basically, I wanted something quick and healthy, with the least amount of cooking time for a healthier lifestyle.

One of the big factors for our family was that my oldest son went away to college this year. Thanks to his football scholarship and unlimited dining plan on campus, our grocery bill would significantly decrease without one of our top eaters at home.

My younger son plays football and basketball which means a lot of evenings with practices where we are on the go.

Before my older son left for college he tried several of the meals and really liked each meal that he tried. As a student-athlete, he appreciated that they were a healthier option with protein.

This was a great way to ensure more healthy meals at home between our once-a-week pizza take-out.

meal from Clean Eatz

Many of the meals are made with a base of brown rice or protein noodles.

This could also be a solution if you need healthier lunch options to bring to work, empty nesters, singles, or if someone in your family is trying to eat differently from the rest of their family.

Grab n go freezers at Clean Eatz

Grab ‘N’ Go Freezers

You can pick up meals anytime from the Grab ‘N’ Go Freezers. They are stocked with a variety of meal options both for individual consumption and family meals for extra days.

This is a great option if you want to supplement your weekly meals or just want to stock up on extra meals that you enjoy.

Their cauliflower pizzas are very popular with customers with and without dietary restrictions.

shopping baskets for Grab n go freezers at Clean Eatz

There are baskets available at the entrance for guests to use while they shop.

cafe menu at Clean Eatz

Clean Eatz Cafe Menu

If you want to test out some of the food you might want to check out the cafe. Clean Eatz cafes offer a variety of healthy menu options including flatbreads, salads, build a bowl, wraps, smoothies, and more.

Healthy eating can still taste good with familiar flavors with a twist like buffalo cauliflower, a black bean burger, turkey burger or bison burger.

If you have special needs due to allergies you can make a special request when you order.

flatbread and sweet potato fries Clean Eatz
Build your own bowl

I tried the chicken panini with sweet potato fries and my son ordered the “build your own bowl.”

Cafe Newport KY Clean Eatz

How to Find a Clean Eatz Near You

You don’t have to be a professional in the fitness industry or wait until the end of the year to change your life.

Search for the closest location on the Clean Eatz website.

meal from Clean Eatz

How to Save on Your Weekly Meals From Clean Eatz

The more you buy the more you save.

  • 5 meals = $38 ($7.60 per meal)
  • 10 meals = $68 ($6.80 per meal)
  • 15 meals = $98 ($6.53 per meal)
  • 21 meals = $128 ($6.10 per meal)

Adventure Mom Discount at Clean Eatz Newport

Thanks to the Newport, KY location store owner you can save 10% on any order for the rest of the month of September (2021) when you mention “Adventure Mom Discount” at the register.

*If you are ordering the weekly menu plan online, use the option to pay at the register for when you pick up your meals.

Newport KY Clean Eatz

Clean Eatz Newport Location

The Newport CleanEatz is located in the Newport Shopping Center.

1759 Monmouth St, Newport, KY

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