Emile Henry Small Grilling/ Baking Stone

It can be a challenge to evenly cook a meal on the grill. I was given this baking/ grilling stone to try out. My husband is WAY better at grilling than I am which is why he was in charge of using the stone on the grill.



Emile Henry Small Grilling/ Baking Stone



The stone is a great size that can fit multiple foods on it at once. It distributed the heat evenly and was less of a hassle than using aluminum foil.


Emile Henry Small Grilling/ Baking Stone



The end result was a yummy boneless pork chop with veggies. You can even cut on the Baking/ Grilling Stone without scratching or causing damage to the stone.  The Grilling/ Baking Stone was also easy to clean. The stone is dishwasher safe and can also be washed with just soap and water.


Emile Henry Small Grilling/ Baking Stone



The Grilling/ Baking Stone is also microwave and freezer safe too. I’m looking forward to using it to make peanut butter cookies. This Stone would also be  perfect for camping all of your meals. I would have never have thought to make pancakes on it until I watched this youtube video.



The Small Grilling/ Baking Stone is very versatile and also safer because it’s made with all natural products which means your food will be absent of unwanted chemicals.

I really like this product and I’m really interested in checking out their other products to make cooking foods easier and tastier.

The Small Grilling/Baking Stone retails for $47 and you can purchase it and other products from the Emile Henry Website.

Disclosure: I was given this product for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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