Make Your Own Unique Candle at The Candle Lab

Make Your Own Unique Candle at The Candle Lab

I stumbled upon The Candle Lab while waiting for our table to be ready at The Eagle OTR. Once you have tried the fried chicken at The Eagle, you understand that the food is worth the wait.  We had some time to kill and The Candle Lab offered the perfect adventure to fill our time.

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How It Works

The process for making your hand-poured candle is very simple but it can take a while if you are an indecisive person. The first step is to grab a clipboard and pick out the scents that you like.

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The Hardest Part

There are 120+ different fragrances to choose from. This is the part that can be a bit time consuming if you are indecisive.

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After you decide on the smells that you like, you need to select a container to house your candle. You can also make fragrances for your home and natural body products if you don’t want to make a candle.

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The Price

The cost of the poured candle depends on the container that you choose. They range from around $16-$32. (There is a discount if you make more than one candle) You can also bring in your own container to be filled.

Next, you take a seat at the bar and narrow down your fragrance selection for your candle.

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I started with Hazelnut and then added coffee bean and dark chocolate. One of my all-time favorite coffee drinks is a Hazelnut Mocha and the smell of the blend was perfect.

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Customize your scent

You can continue to add small drops of the oils to get the strength of the fragrance that you desire.

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Next, your fragrance oil is added to your jar.

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How long does it take?

The process takes an average of 30 minutes from selecting your fragrance to finishing your pour. It takes another 90 minutes for your candle to set. I would suggest creating your candle before you go out to eat or shop if you want it the same day. Otherwise, you can pick up your candle the following day.

The unique part of this candle making adventure is your control over the blending of your favorite scents and determining your fragrance outcome.

Design your own label

You can also create a custom design for your label on the bottom of your candle. I had zero creativity that day, so I decided to just write the names of the fragrances that I used. Writing the oil fragrances is helpful in case you forget and want to make a refill.

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If you don’t want to make a candle, you can purchase a pre-made one. I got a Chai Tea candle that was pre-made that also smells wonderful.

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I absolutely LOVE the Hazelnut Mocha scent that I created. I burn it all the time so I will definitely have to come back to make another one.

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This adventure is also great for birthday parties or a group outing but I would recommend calling ahead to make sure that you have a space reserved.

You can find out more about The Candle Lab from their website.

The Candle Lab is located at 1325 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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Make Your Own Unique Candle at The Candle Lab

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