Why You Need to Take a Cincinnati Food Tour

I love traveling but I also enjoy any excuse to be a tourist in my own city…..especially when it involves food.

I’ve learned so much about Cincinnati and have grown to appreciate what we have here even more because of the amazing tours that I’ve taken.

If you are looking for a tour that combines history, architecture, and food, you need to take a Cincinnati Food Tour!

Findlay Market

Most of the Cincinnati Food Tours begin at historic Findlay Market located at 1801 Race Street in Cincinnati.

So why should you take an organized food tour instead of trying something on your own?

I’m glad that you asked. I’m sharing several reasons why an organized food tour is better than trying to create one on your own.

Revolution chitas

You Get a Personal Foodie Insider as Your Guide

When you visit a restaurant for the 1st time, the menu can be really overwhelming.

A food tour allows you to sample some of the most popular menu items without having to purchase a lot of food at each stop which can add up quickly.

Sweet Petit Deserts

Your tour gives you the highlights of each restaurant that you visit.

I LOVE variety and trying lots of different foods. A food tour helps you determine what menu items you will want to go back and order during a future visit.

Goodfellas Cincinnati

You also get to see what the atmosphere is like at each restaurant

Looking for a great place to bring an out of town guest?

Inside Taft Ale House

A food tour shows you the unique vibe of each restaurant.

Nation Kitchen and Bar

You get a more personal touch

A tour guide gives you insight into the community and history of the neighborhoods that you walk around.

You have someone available for questions who is also a proud ambassador of the city.

Outside Sweet Petit Desserts

You get to admire great architecture along the way

Cincinnati has fantastic architecture and a walking food tour allows you to take time to admire the buildings as you go.

Taft Ale House outside

The guides do a great job of pointing out unique features and structures that you pass along the way.

Outside Goodfellas OTR e1464893953434

You get to meet interesting people from all over the country

 I met a family on my tour who were from different parts of the country that chose to reunite in Cincinnati as the meeting spot.

It was great to experience the city with tourists and hear what their observations were about the city.

400th Brewery e1464894415335

You get to discover restaurants that you will want to go back to

During my food tour we tried Chitas at Revolution Rotisserie, a giant slice of pizza at Goodfellas Pizzeria, burgers at Nation Kitchen and Bar, and two mini desserts of our choice at Sweet Petit Desserts.

You need to come hungry to the tour because you will leave full!

Sweet Petit Desert e1464895293631

You get to interact with the restaurant owner and employees

 During the Cincinnati Food Tour, you learn more about why the owners and employees are so passionate about their food. Their personal stories always make you appreciate and want to support their business even more.

You will learn something new even if you have visited the restaurant before.

Nation Burger

You can share this adventure with friends or family

The tour group sizes range from a maximum of 8-16 people depending on the tour. It’s best to reserve your tour in advance.

Revoluntion Rotisserie e1464893883112

Thanks again to Cincinnati Food Tours for hosting my tour. I can’t wait to check out another one!

You can find out more about Cincinnati Food Tours from their website. 

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  1. This sounds great. I almost did this in NYC, but didn’t for some reason. All of the food looks so good.

  2. I’m thinking the same thing for my dad too. His birthday and father’s day are always around the same time. It’s a great tour.

  3. Love this–didn’t know about it till reading it now. I think it would make a great Father’s Day gift. Thanks for the idea!

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