Reasons to Dine at The Standard Covington

The Standard Covington in Covington, Kentucky is a new dining gem that’s definitely worth checking out!

If you have visited Frida or Otto’s you will definitely want to experience dining at the restaurant group’s newest venture in Covington. 

outside seating at The Standard Covington

The Atmosphere at The Standard Covington

As soon as you spot the building it immediately draws you in. It’s like visual eye candy with bright colors in the decor and a fusion of old meets new with a tribute to the building’s previous life as a garage. 

It’s pretty much an Instagrammer’s dream with lots of great photo ops, bright colors, and murals. 

During our visit, the music playing was 90s/2000s hip hop which also set the tone. If you are a certain..ahem age.. that will immediately take you back and set the tone. 

outside dining at The Standard Covington

A Former Garage Reimagined

You will see several nods to the building’s former life as a 1930s auto shop both inside and out of the Standard Covington. 

outside The Standard Covington

Lots of tires are used in the restaurant theme in creative ways both inside and out. 

entrance at The Standard Covington
Wall art at The Standard Covington

Inside there is a really cool mural that incorporates the old auto shop days. Themed details are everywhere including on a chandelier with colorful wrenches hanging from it and the beer tap handles with various mechanic tools used as handles.

Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to grab pictures of those so be on the lookout for those when you go. 

outside seating at The Standard Covington

Indoor and Outdoor Seating Options at The Standard Covington

We actually started to sit on the inside but changed our minds and waited for an outside table. It didn’t take too long for a table to open up and we were able to order drinks at the couch area. 

outside seating at The Standard Covington
outside dining at The Standard Covington in northern Kentucky
inside The Standard Covington in northern Kentucky
inside The Standard Covington in northern Kentucky

The larger dining area by the bar had two large garage doors that were lifted to make the space feel more open. 

outside The Standard Covington in northern Kentucky

Younger kids will love the vintage playground rockers in the outside area near the outside bar inside a shipping container. 

pool table inside The Standard Covington in northern Kentucky

There was also a pool table with additional seating inside that had the garage doors open to create a more open feel. 

outside seating at The Standard Covington
outside seating at The Standard Covington

If you are dining outside there is a nice long table for eight that’s perfect for a group of friends or family. 

standard mojito and Marge's Bourbon Slush at The Standard Covington

Drinks at The Standard Covington

The drink menu at The Standard Covington has something for everyone. The hardest part is narrowing down the options. In fact, their drink menu is larger than the food menu. 

drinks at The Standard Covington

I was debating between Marge’s Bourbon Slush and the Main St. Mule. My husband ordered the Standard Mojito and I ended up with Marge’s Bourbon slush made with Buffalo Trace bourbon.

It was WONDERFUL and refreshing! I would order it again in a heartbeat but I am still curious about their Main St. Mule that has strawberry preserves in it. I like Kentucky Mules and the strawberry preserves in it had me intrigued. 

menu at The Standard Covington in northern Kentucky

Menu at The Standard Covington

The food menu has an Asian twist on American classics. The menu isn’t very large but I’m assuming that the logic is to do more with fewer items and make them great. There are options for both vegetarians and meat-eaters which is nice if you have a group with different preferences or dietary needs. 

Station Satay at The Standard Covington in northern Kentucky

Starters at The Standard Covington

The Station Satay caught our eye from another table and we immediately asked our server about it. You have the option of three grilled lemongrass chickens or hoisin marinated flank steaks on a stick. We opted to mix it up with two chicken and 1 steak. 

Both types of meat were delicious but my husband and I agreed that the chicken was our favorite. Make sure that you also try the peanut sauce to dip it in. I would highly recommend ordering this starter when you visit. 

watermelon salad at The Standard Covington in northern Kentucky

We also ordered the Watermelon Salad. I was curious about the combination of flavors that I would never attempt to combine at home. The dish was refreshing with sweet and citrus flavors.

I should note that my husband hates cantaloupe and the sight of it was a dealbreaker for the dish for him in case you are also not a fan of that fruit.  

Honey Sriracha Tenders at The Standard Covington

Main Course at The Standard Covington

For the main course, we decided to go half and half on two menu items. I’m a sucker for heat, so the Honey Sriracha Tenders were a no-brainer.

They were not too hot, even though I do enjoy crazy stupid heat. The flavor of the chicken once again was perfection, with both the crisp and the sweet heat. We totally forgot to order their crinkle fries as a side to go with it. This is another menu item I would highly recommend.

Flank Steak Flat at The Standard Covington

We also tried the Flank Steak Flat. We were debating between that one and the KY Banh Mi. The flatbread texture wasn’t my favorite but the flatbread toppings were delicious! 

outside The Standard Covington in northern Kentucky

Overall, we had a great experience with our food, service, and atmosphere. I definitely want to come back to try a few more menu items in the future.

outside dining space The Standard Covington e1595098838889

Where is The Standard Covington located?

434 Main St., Covington, Kentucky

The Standard Covington is located on the corner of Main Street and West 5th Street across the street from Popeye’s Chicken and just steps away from Mainstrasse Village. 

There is a small parking lot onsite to the left of the restaurant and behind the restaurant. If that lot is full you can park at the Mainstrasse parking lot located at 473W W 5th St.

Stay Connected to The Standard Covington

You can follow The Standard Covington’s social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram

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Reasons to dine at The Standard Covington

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