Shipwrecked! An Entertainment at Playhouse in the Park ~ May 18 – June 16

I recently went to a play at Playhouse in the Park for the first time. I’ve always heard great things about plays there. It was really great to get the opportunity to experience my first play there with my boys. The play Shipwrecked! An Entertainment is geared toward audiences ages 8 and up.



I took a gamble and brought two 7 year olds and a 10 year old. The gamble paid off because all of them enjoyed it.

Here is more about the play from Playhouse in the Park.

Hear the fantastic and amazing story of Louis de Rougemont, a would-be explorer who embarks from Victorian England on a daring expedition only to find himself marooned on a remote desert island. That’s when the real adventure begins for Louis and his faithful dog Bruno: Typhoon! Killer octopus! Flying wombats! Cannibals! As Louis’ breathless tale grows larger and larger, the boundary between truth and fiction blurs. Inspired by a true story, this charming, family-friendly frolic by a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright celebrates the magic of theatre and imagination.



The play featured three actors, Justin Adams, Jeffrey Blair Cornell and Mandi Masden, who each did an incredible job portraying multiple characters. They also used multiple props for sounds and scenery that allowed you to use your imagination.


The play really captured the art of storytelling and invited the audience to join the adventure.


Some of our favorite scenes to watch were with the native tribe and the dog.







On the way home, the boys each shared what their favorite parts of the play were. The surprise ending was also really remarkable. As we pulled in the driveway, my older son said, “Your best pictures are from your imagination.”

I love that the arts give us an excuse to dream a little more intentionally.

Shipwrecked!An Entertainment invites you to start dreaming.



Shipwrecked! An Entertainment will be at Playhouse in the Park from May 18- June 16.


Prices range from $30 to $76; they vary depending on the seat location, performance day and are subject to change. tickets for children and students are $25. In addition to calling the box office at (513)345-2242, tickets lso be purchased by visiting the Playhouse website.

Playhouse in the Park is located at 962 Mt Adams Circle,  Cincinnati, OH 45202
*All photos were taken by Sandy Underwood provided by Playhouse in the Park

Disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets for review purposes. All opinions are my own.



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