St. Patrick’s Day Phone Apps from Verizon



This St. Patrick’s Day, you can use St. Patrick’s Day themed apps to enhance your Irish celebration experience. I’ve obviously been having fun playing around with the St. Patrick’s Day Photo app.

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  • GUINNESS® Pub Finder (free on Apple) pulls information from a database of more than 20,000 pubs in the U.S. that will help you locate one that serves Guinness. You can link it to your phone’s GPS to obtain directions and even invite your friends to join you.


  • Taxometer ($.99 on Apple) helps you find a taxi in your area and will even estimate your cab fare to your desired destination. If you’ve had one too many green beers, you can use this app to get home from the day’s festivities safely.


  • St. Patrick’s Day Photo Effects (free on Apple) allows you to add fun St. Patrick’s Day themed effects to your photos! Snap photos of friends and family during the festivities, add some phone effects and upload to your Twitter, Facebook or email.


  • Irish Slang Dictionary ($.99 on Apple, free on Android) allows you to search for various Irish slang terms to use during your St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Find out the slang terms for everything from the word cool to the term for dessert.


  • St. Patrick’s Day Cards (free on Android) lets you create an authentic Irish card and share it with friends and family for St. Patrick’s Day. It features Irish templates and sayings to be shared via email.


  • St. Patrick’s Day Recipes ($1.99 on Apple and Android) features 41 traditional Irish dishes, including corned beef and soda bread.
Hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday with family and friends!


Disclosure: A research team provided me with information on the apps on behalf of Verizon Wireless.




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