Travel Channel Show Extras- Our 5 seconds of Fame on Bert the Conqueror at Holiday World

Bert the Conqueror at Holiday World

One of my BFF’s recently moved to Evansville, In. So, while we were on the phone, I was looking for fun stuff for her to do in the area. I stumbled across a contest on HolidayWorld’s website.

It was for being an extra on an upcoming episode on The Travel Channel Show “Bert the Conqueror” that would be filmed at HolidayWorld. I had found the contest about an hour before the deadline. I chose to send an email vs. a youtube entry. The entry had something to do with why your family should get to be an extra on the show.

A few days later I got the email that we would get to be extras for “The Voyage”( the wooden rollercoaster ) and “The Wildebeest”( the water coaster). With a few quick arrangements to our schedules we made the trip down a few weeks later.

We had never been to HolidayWorld before but were really impressed with the hands on operations of the family who owned the park.

We started our day waiting: for our complimentary tickets, for Bert to get there, for them to set up the camera on the roller coaster, and for our turn on “The Voyage”.

Holiday World

That was ok because one of the perks of HolidayWorld is that they have unlimited free soft drinks. We met another cool couple in line that helped pass the time.

We were hoping the be the ones to ride the ride when Bert did, instead you can see us on the sideline as he climbs in the car and we all chant “BERT,BERT,BERT!”

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The camera crew did a few takes with Bert and then some without him to show some other “extras” reaction to the ride. It is the world’s longest wooden roller coaster.

Bert had said something about it having an intermission which is true because the ride slows down and then goes for a whole nether section.

After the filming for the ride was over, Bert interviewed some people and they had us all walk around in the background because the park was closed to the public while we were filming.

We asked an assistant if Bert needed anyone to ride with him the next day but they were filming him by himself on the ride. They were going to interview us and our friends but decided to save us for the second day because less “extras” would be there the second day.

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Why you ask?

Because the forecast for the weather for the second day was COLD and rainy. Not ideal for riding a water park ride over and over. I HATE being cold and I don’t swim in cold water on warm sunny days but this was going to be my sacrifice for “fame”

The next day started with rain and sweatshirts to keep warm. We were sending up some serious prayers for a miraculous warm up.

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My boys were even going to participate in this one because they met the height requirements for this ride.

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We waited until the last second to unbundle ourselves from our towels. Ironically the “extras” rode this ride before Bert.

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We went several times before his first ride so that the crew could set up different camera stations for shots of the ride.

The ride was basically like a riding a roller coaster  in a tube. We climbed up the first hill and then went up and down, side to side with surprising speed even while going up hill.

We even felt a little air time. But there was one element you couldn’t get away from.

Freezing cold water!

It didn’t help that it wasn’t super hot that day.

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My youngest son rode one time because he was so cold. My older son rode a few times and gave in to the chill too. My dad came along to supervise the boys and take them to the rest of the park, Dan and I pushed through the pain of the cold to ride it several times that day.

It was too fun not to!

We had also heard that in the summer the line is super long. So when else would we have the chance to ride it an unlimited amount of times.

As we waited in line Bert came over to interview us and our friends. He asked my new friend and I what our favorite part of the ride was. He asked Dan to describe the ride.  

Dan made comments about it being cold and then they said you can’t say that. He then made a joke about thanking Jesus for the heat but he couldn’t say Jesus.

So then Dan said,”thank you nondisciminate lord” joking around.  Bert said he liked that even though they were going to have to edit it too.

We broke for lunch and afterward walked around in the background as Bert described the ride for a few takes. Next was Bert’s turn to take the plunge.

He got to ride solo.

This made his ride faster with more airtime. He has a great little girl like scream.

Holiday World

He rode the ride a few times and then they had people use the helmet cam for a few takes.

Dan got to wear it for a turn so the back of my head had a strong presence for those shots.

On one of our turns Bert was at the top to give us high fives.

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After we were done taping we got to enjoy the rest of the parks rides complete with a family pic with Santa.

Several months later we go to to view the episode . They cut out the interview of my friend and I. Dan’s interview made the cut. We also got a little face time when we high fived Bert at the top of the ride.

Our family had a great time and enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes of a reality show.

Check out Bert the Conqueror for fun, random extreme activities to try in a state near you and HolidayWorld for unlimited soft drinks, sunscreen and amusement park enjoyment.

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