Try Bowling With a Twist at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

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Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati is the only place in Ohio where you can play the original football bowling pin game.

Brings friend or family and play on 30 Fowling lanes inside a giant 46,000-square-foot building.

Fowling Cincinnati

Fowling is a newer sport that’s worth checking out. It’s easy to learn and even more, fun to play.

The first Fowling Warehouse is in Hamtramck, MI, and has continued to expand as the popularity of the sport has grown. The Cincinnati location opened in 2019 on May 3rd.

Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Fowling is a game that can be played year-round. It’s such a fun thing to do in Cincinnati in the winter when outdoor options are more limited.

football in the air during a fowling game at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

What is Fowling?

Fowling is a hybrid game of Cornhole and bowling…with a football.

This is the perfect game for both those who enjoy original football and anyone who enjoys trying a different activity.

Fowling is a bowling pin football game and the players are known as the fowlers.

The goal is to knock off all of the other team’s bowling pins on their board. Each player gets a turn tossing the football to try to knock off their opponent’s bowling pins on the board.

It’s harder than it looks to knock down those pins but it’s also really fun! I’d recommend trying to aim for the middle pin to knock more pins off the board.

If any player’s first throw of the game takes the center pin off the board or leaves the rest of the pins, they immediately won the game and have a BONK!

There are 10 bowling pins on each Fowling board.

fowling game instruction at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

What Are the Official Rules for a Fowling Pin Game?

fowling game area at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

You can also download the Official Rules for Fowling.

teenage boy fowling at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

When you are on the playing court be on the lookout for stray football and pins. They have also been known to take out drinks on the ledge.

teenage boy playing fowling game at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Is Fowling Cincinnati Family-friendly?

Yes! Kids of all ages are welcome in the facility with the exception of Friday and Saturday nights after 8pm when it is ages 21+ only. We brought kids in high school who had a great time.

Additionally, the venue features a stage and projectors, plus, seating for nearly 300 fowling participants (also known as “fowlers”).

Ages 10 and up are allowed to participate and play.

Every Sunday from 12 pm -8 pm at Cincinnati Fowling Warehouse is a family day where kids age 10 and up can join an adult on a team. (All ages are allowed to play but it’s recommended for ages 10 and up for safety reasons.

They ID everyone so make sure that you bring a valid ID.

Bonk Honk at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

How Do You Get a Bonk Honk?

A Bonk Honk is when a player knocks the middle bowling pin off the board on the first throw.

It can only be the middle pin and the other nine bowling pins must remain standing.

If you get a Bonk Honk it’s a big deal and you get to blow the horn for everyone to cheer and celebrate.

purse hooks at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Ladies Be on the Lookout for the Purse Hooks

Take advantage of the purse hooks on the borders of the courts if you want to keep your purse or bag nearby while you play.

Italianette Pizza delivered to Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Can You Bring Your Own Food to Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati?

Yes, you are allowed to bring in whatever food you want or you can order delivery from a local establishment. 

During our visit, we ordered pizzas from Krimer Italianette Pizzeria to be delivered to the facility and LaRosa’s pizza and even deliver directly to your lane.

(513) 791-7650 located at 6918 Plainfield Rd, Cincinnati, OH.

There are lots of restaurants within a short drive of Highland Ave.

Fowling Cincinnati also recommends the following for catering options:

seating area at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

There are plenty of tables throughout the facility for guests to eat and drink.

craft beer at bar at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Can You Bring Your Own Drinks to Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati?

No, unfortunately, you can’t because it’s Ohio state law.

You can’t bring ANY outside beverages with or without alcohol into the facility.

seating area at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

You CAN purchase non-alcoholic drinks or alcoholic drinks from their full bar. They also have drinking fountains for guests.

Bottoms-Up draft system at bar at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Bottoms-Up Draft System at the Bar at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Each bar at the Cincinnati Fowling Warehouse uses the “Bottoms-Up” draft system. This method helps serve the perfect draft pour each time at an ideal temperature.

There are two full-service bars at the Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati with over 120 different types of beer. There are also non-alcoholic options in addition to a full selection of wine and liquor.

Pay attention to the giant reminder sign at the bar and don’t put your finger in the cup hole or you may lose the contents in your cup.

Mystery Beer Machine at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Take Your Chances on the Mystery Beer Machine

If you like gimmicks, you will LOVE the Mystery Beer Machine for your next adult beverage!

You choose a price point and get a surprise beer that ranges from $2-6.

Fowling Cincinnati

How Much Does Fowling Cost?

*Pricing was accurate when this article was written. Confirm fowling game costs on the Cincinnati Fowling Warehouse website before you go.

Open Play at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

This is best for small groups or individuals

  • No reservation needed
  • If you win, you stay on the lane and accept the next challengers. If you lose, you have to get back in line and wait for the next challenge.
  • $14 per person for unlimited play
special event space for fowling at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Lane Reservation at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

This is the best option for groups of up to 10 people

  • $140 per lane for 2 hours (up to 10 players max per lane)
  • After your reservation time, your group can stay and enjoy the open play.
Fowling Cincinnati

Birthday Parties and Private Events at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

If you are looking for a fun birthday party or team-building event this is a great option. There are tons of lanes available for large groups.

extra seating area at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

You can make reservations for groups, corporate outings, special events, and tailgating game days at Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati.

Where Are All of the Fowling Warehouse Locations?

entrance to Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati

Where is Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati Located?

Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati is located in the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood of Cincinnati at the Highland Park industrial complex at 2940 Highland Ave. Ste #230, Cincinnati, OH.

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