An Urban Winery in Cincinnati that You Need to Visit

The more that I explore Cincinnati, the more I realize that there is still so much to uncover. The first time that I was introduced to Henke Winery was during a tour with Cincy Wine Wagon.  

It was the last stop on our tour and it blew my mind that I never knew that Cincinnati had an urban winery on the west side.


I was invited to come back to try out a dinner experience and once again Henke Winery did not disappoint!

Let’s start with the food.



The “Awesome Pan Seared Cheese” is a MUST! (Extra sharp, Vermont white cheddar, gently coated with herbs and bread crumbs and then pan seared served over a red wine berry sauce with bread and crackers.)


Seriously, I’m sure that their other appetizers are wonderful, but you need to try the pan seared cheese because it’s a more unique option and it’s WONDERFUL!


I ordered the Henke House Sirloin (10 ounce with blue cheese black pepper compound butter) with a baked potato. The sirloin was sooooo good! The blue cheese compound butter complimented it wonderfully. The chef even came out to melt it tableside.


Our meal also came with a salad with optional house-made dressings. The vinaigrette was really good.

My husband ordered the 12 oz Pork Chop with sautéed onions and mushrooms with the blue cheese compound served with spicy green beans.


He loved the combination of flavors. The pork chop was so large that he actually boxed up a portion to save for later which is extremely rare for him.



For dessert, I tried the creme brûlée and my husband ordered the turtle cheesecake.


We were so stuffed but we pressed on through in the name of research. You can’t go wrong with either option.


The Wine Tasting at Dinner

For our wine selections, we opted for a tasting with the owner Joe Henke. For $10 you can try seven selected wines. It’s a great way to discover which wines you really like and want to purchase a bottle of later.


We started out with a few white wines and then progressed to red. I prefer reds but really enjoyed learning about the grapes used for each wine that we tried.


We trusted Joe completely to decide which wines we would try that evening. Joe turned his hobby of winemaking into a business in the late ’90s and has created one of the top 10 Urban Wineries in the United States.

The bottles lined with medals throughout the restaurant and along the window sills validate Henke’s street cred.

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My husband normally prefers craft beer or bourbon but he discovered a few wines that he really enjoyed along the way. Thanks to Joe for helping him find the perfect wine……but now does that mean that I have to share my wine???

After your meal, you will probably discover a few wines that you want to bring home with you. Don’t forget to take a few moments to check out the wine cork art as you are leaving.


When one of my close friends called me the next day to ask for restaurant recommendations for her husband’s birthday, I recommended Henke Winery without hesitation.

The food and wine were excellent and the prices were very reasonable.

I got feedback from her the following day and she said that she ordered the salmon and her husband got the New York Strip and that both were excellent!! They had mussels for the appetizer and she did the wine tasting.


Where is Henke Winery Located?

Henke Winery and Restaurant
3077 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45211


More information on Henke Winery

You can find out more about Henke Winery from their website.

Thanks again to Henke Winery for hosting our visit. All opinions are my own. 

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An urban winery in Cincinnati that you need to visit

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