7 Reasons to Book a Walking Food Tour in New York City

When you’re choosing where to eat in New York City, it can be overwhelming because there are so many great options.

A walking food tour is one of my favorite things to do when I visit a city.

Each time I visit New York City I try to cram in as much as possible in a short amount of time.

There is so much to do and see in NYC and we always run out of time before we run out of fun!

I’m sharing more about why you should consider booking a walking food tour in New York City during your next visit.

friends in Greenwich Village in NYC

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My friend and I always try to cram in as much great food as possible during each visit to NYC.

Food is a big part of the NYC experience whether it’s New York-style pizza, bagels, cannolis, or another authentic ethnic dish.

The diversity in the city is reflected in the food and it’s such a beautiful thing.

For this specific trip, we booked the Foods of NY Tours Original Greenwich Village Food & Culture Tour and I’d definitely book another walking food tour for our next visit to New York.

I’ve been on several food tours around the United States. After each tour, I always feel like I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the area afterward.

cannoli in Greenwich Village on walking food tour in New York City

1. A Walking Food Tour Makes New York City More Approachable

As a tourist, it’s hard to keep up with the culinary scene in New York.

I want to try ALL the things at ALL the places but realistically I have a short amount of time and a limited number of meals each visit.

I love learning about the local gems in a neighborhood that I may have overlooked in a search online or on social media. I want to know the BEST place to get cannoli, a slice of pizza, etc.

A walking food tour helps make the “Big Apple” smaller and more approachable by taking a small bite and focusing on a specific area/ theme.

Walking food tours are typically in small groups creating opportunities for you to meet interesting people from all walks of life who are from around the world.

street in Greenwich Village in NYC

2. Walking Tours Allow You to Get to Know a Neighborhood More Intimately

A walking tour allows you to experience a specific neighborhood at a slower pace and more intimately.

Cornelia Street in New York City

You’ll notice the sights and sounds of the city differently as you pause to look up at unique architecture and learn about buildings with interesting stories to tell.

I now have a point of reference for “Cornelia Street” in New York because of our walking food tour.

We learned about the “Swift effect” that’s impacted the real estate and businesses on this street referenced in the title of a popular song beloved by Taylor Swift fans.

Your walking food tour also helps support local businesses in the neighborhood that you visit, many of which have been around for generations,

walking food tour in Greenwich Village in NYC

3. Walking Food Tour Guides Time Everything Perfectly

You could try to plan your own version of a walking food tour at the same stops but you’d miss out on so much.

Food tour guides have relationships with the restaurants, know the specialties on their menu, the hidden gems in the neighborhood, and what streets to avoid, if any.

They have the timing down to a science so that you’re only, at the most, delayed a few minutes between stops and have the perks of a table waiting for you vs. waiting for a table.

It’s an incredibly efficient way to see and experience a lot in a neighborhood in a few hours.

Murray's Cheese in Greenwich Village in NYC

4. You Can Burn Off Some of Your Calories Along the Way

Be prepared to walk on a walking tour. There is typically a lot of standing in front of points of interest along the way.

Your guide will typically give you an overview so you know what to anticipate for distance and stops along the way.

sample on food tour in Greenwich Village in NYC

5. You Can Pace Yourself Along the Way on a Walking Food Tour

I’ve never been hungry after a food tour. In fact most of the time I’m pretty stuffed and have no desire to eat for several hours afterward.

I like to try a bite of everything offered on the food tour. You don’t need to feel pressured to finish samples if you don’t like it or want to save room for what’s to come.

key art on building  in New York City

6. A Walking Food Tour is Two Experiences in One

On a walking food tour, you learn about the local history of the neighborhood and the behind-the-scenes stories of the local restaurants you visit for food stops.

Cornelia Street in New York City

Food tours achieve two experiences in one because you get the experience of a guided walking tour with the bonus of a progressive meal.

pizza on food tour in New York City

You’ll eat so much that you won’t be hungry afterward.

meatball at Italian restaurant on food walking tour in New York City

In fact, you’ll most likely be stuffed after sampling so many delicious dishes and treats.

It also eliminates the need to plan for one your meals during your visit.

plague sign on building  in New York City

It’s also fun to see architecture and quirky details in a neighborhood that you may have overlooked otherwise.

curved road in Greenwich Village in New York City

Several roads and buildings that I wouldn’t have given a second glance, were brought to life after learning more about them on our walking food tour.

Restaurant on walking food tour in New York City - Greenwich Village

7. You’ll Discover Local Restaurants in New York City That You Want to Return to

During our walking food tour, we discovered several restaurants we’d want to return to for a full dining experience.

friends on a walking food tour in New York City

We also had a point of reference for their food, menu items, atmosphere, and happy hours that we’d like to take advantage of.

fish taco on walking food tour in New York City

Additional Things to Know Before Your Walking Food Tour in New York City

  • Wear comfortable shoes – you’ll get your steps in and watch for the puddles on rainy days. (My friend accidentally got her shoes DRENCHED from a car that ran over a puddle)
  • Dress for the weather. Walking tours are rain or shine year-round. Make sure that whatever you wear can handle the elements.
  • You may want to wear lined boots and extra layers on a cold day. An umbrella or raincoat comes in handy on rainy days.
  • On a hot day, you may want to bring a bottle of water. Wear sunscreen and a hat to keep you cooler.
  • Book your walking food tour in advance if you have limited days/time. Do your research in advance and select a few tours that align with your availability and interests. Popular food tours tend to sell out so book as soon as possible.
  • Complimentary water is available at most restaurant stops. If you order drinks at a restaurant on the tour you’re responsible for additional purchases and gratuity.
  • Let your guide know if you or someone in your party has special food allergies in advance.
  • Bring cash for a gratuity for your guide because tips aren’t included with the walking food tour price. If you enjoyed your food tour it’s nice to show your appreciation to your guide in a monetary way.
Greenwich Village in New York City

Which Specific Walking Food Tour Did We Book in New York City?

Here is our Foods of NY Tours Original Greenwich Village Food & Culture Tour description in their own words.

“Get to know one of New York’s most desirable and cultural neighborhoods—and discover its top foodie favorites—on this West Village food and culture tour. Indulge in culinary delights at quaint mom-and-pop restaurants, hidden gems, and beloved cafes to savor mouthwatering flavors unique to the West Village. In between bites, wander along tree-lined streets, past 1800s mansions, immigrant tenements, and even NYC’s narrowest house, to learn about the neighborhood’s history.”

You can book our specific walking food tour in New York City below.

Book the Foods of NY Tours Original Greenwich Village Food & Culture Tour Here
Time Square in New York City

How to Save on Booking Your Next Food Tour in New York City

There are 125+ different food tours in New York City on Viator.

These are the most popular food tours most likely to sell out in NYC.

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