White and Nerdy

When I think of a segway, there are two images that come to mind. The music video to Weird Al Yankovic’s Song “White and Nerdy” and the movie Mallcop with Kevin James.

paul blart mall cop

I found out about a place where you could take indoor segway rides in an older mall and I immediately knew that my inner nerd dreams were coming true. Whenever we have been in big cities, I have seen the tour groups and thought it looked fun but also looked ridiculous. You just have to get over how you look on one.

We signed our waivers and opted to not wear the safety helmet. We like to live dangerously.


We were then told the basics on how to operate a segway. Lean forward to move forward, look over your shoulder to go back and lean the handle bar to the direction you want to turn. Pretty simple.

After a few practice spins in front of the store we were on our way.

The first thing about riding a segway is that you can’t help but smile the whole entire time your on it.  Part because you know you look so silly but also it’s because it really is so much fun! It was great to watch the expressions of the shoppers we passed by and the kid’s smiles.

We were told to go past the kid’s play area to another section of the mall if we wanted to try going a lot faster. That’s where the real fun was. There weren’t as many pedestrians to dodge at that end of the mall. We could try going really fast and weave in between obstacles like the benches and the mall security desk.

To be honest my husband and I were both really skeptical about how enjoyable riding a segway would be inside a mall. We were so surprised at how much fun we had. No doubt, the ideal would be to try outdoors but indoors was still a great experience to get a taste of it.

Watch my hubby and I as we are getting the hang of it.

Special thanks to Segway Tours of Grand Rapids for the segway experience. My opinions, as always, are my own.

Segway Tours of Grand Rapids is located outside at 99  Monroe Ave in spring/summer/fall. They are really popular to use during Art Prize each year.

You can check out their indoor segway rides at Centerpointe mall until the end of December and Rogers Plaza in January. Kids don’t need to be a specific age to try. You just need to be the right height and maturity level.

Check out the Adventuremom discount page for a discount for you to try it too.

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