Look Stupid – Why I still try indoor rock climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing


Recently I joined my sister in law for a night of rock climbing.  I have gone several times before.  In fact our old youth room in our church had rock climbing walls.  My observation was that middle school students were always way more eager to climb than high schoolers.  I think the idea of looking stupid in front of their friends was a factor.

Our local gym also has a rock wall.  I only go on it every once in a while when my kids REALLY beg me.  Why?  Because it’s located at the front of the gym as you walk in and if you get to the top the you are at eye level with the people upstairs on the cardio machines.  It’s a little awkward.



I also don’t want to look stupid.  It’s mostly kids who try and the adults always look funny as they struggle to climb and accomplish what their kids do with ease.

We had the perfect storm when we went to climb.  Free Ladies Night.  Less intimidation and the support of female friends.  We put on our special shoes, got a training on how to belay and we were on our way.


I climbed to the top fairly easy for my first climb.  So did my sister in law.


I later discovered that she is part spiderwomen as she climbed up the really hard walls.  She is also happens to be about half of my body weight which is also a plus for scaling walls.

indoor rock climbing

I tried to get over that same ledge several times without success.

Indoor rock climbing

My hands were getting sore and my arms were getting shakier each time I tried to get enough gusto to get over that stupid ledge.

Indoor Rock climbing

indoor rock climbing

Rock climbing is for ALL LEVELS.  Newbies to advanced depending on the route you choose.  That puts you in control of your own experience and adventure.  It’s all about the legs but your arms will also use muscles you didn’t know you had.

Indoor Rock Climbing

So instead that night I just looked stupid trying something challenging and that’s ok!!!!!!  I still had fun and enjoyed the challenge. We all need moments where we get out of our comfort zone and try something that we could fail at.

Otherwise we are sitting on the bench as we watch the game of life pass us by.

If rock climbing is on your list  to try check out Aim Fitness in Grand Rapids (Ladies Night on Tuesdays from 6-8. They do charge for $5 total for harness and shoe rental) or check here for a list of indoor rock climbing gyms worldwide.

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