3 Unique Ways to Make Your Golf Game More Physical

3 Unique Ways to Make Your Golf Game More Physical

I’m always on the lookout for a unique adventure, which is why I was really excited to learn about 3 unique ways that we could make our golf game more physical at Shawnee Lookout Park.

Shawnee Lookout Park is one of the Great Parks of Hamilton County that is made up of 2430 acres that include nature trails, a playground, historical sites, golf course, and amazing views of Great Miami Valley and the Ohio River.

Fling Golf

Fling Golf

The first adventure that we tried is called Fling Golf.

The Fling Stick is a bit of a hybrid between a golf club and a lacrosse stick. There are a few different options when it comes to your swing. You can try the sidearm/baseball swing, the overhand/lacrosse swing, or the Flop Shot. You only need one club because the fling stick also doubles as a putter. The putting technique is more of a push of the ball versus tapping it.

Shawnee Lookout Park Fling golf

You keep track of your flings from the tee to the hole starting behind the tee marker. You will still want to maintain a good distance between your party and any other parties on the course.

It’s also important to yell “Fore” if your ball is heading in someone’s direction. (The boys seemed to forget about this one until they almost hit someone)

There is no additional fee to use the Fling Golf sticks (limited number available) and you will want to make sure that you pick up a card in the Pro Shop that details more of the techniques and rules.

Golfbike at Shawnee Lookout Park

Golf Bike


If you want to opt-out of using a golf cart, you can try the Golf Bike instead. Riding on the course with the Golf Bike is really challenging because of the really steep grades, so I would only recommend it for adults and serious bikers.

Fling golf Shawnee Lookout Park

The Golf Bike can store all of your clubs or fling sticks and has a bag mounted on the back where you can store extra balls and bottles of water. The Golf Bike is definitely a great way to get an extra workout in!

Extreme FootGolf

Foot golf Shawnee Lookout Park

If you prefer a workout that focuses more on your legs and keeps your cardio up, you’ll want to check out Extreme FootGolf.

(This is a modified version of FootGolf because when the ball reaches the green it is “holed.” Each player has a soccer ball and uses their foot as the driver and the putter. There are a few soccer balls onsite or you can bring your own.

Foot golf Shawnee Lookout ParkYou will definitely get a workout on this course because of the steep hills. You have to kick the soccer ball really hard and keep on kicking the ball while you keep track of your swings or you will end up chasing your ball out of the woods. I might be speaking from personal experience.

Little Miami Golf Center also offers FootGolf if you want a milder course with less steep grades the next time that you play.

If you want a little variety you could try Fling Golf for 9 holes and Extreme FootGolf for the other 9 holes. I would recommend calling before you go to verify hours and availability.

Shawnee Centre

Don’t forget to take a few moments before or after your game to check out the collection of Native American archaeological earthworks located inside Shawnee Center (same building where you get your equipment.) The collection is really interesting.

Fling Golf was definitely the favorite of my crew that day but I encourage you to check it out for yourself and decide.

You can find out more about Shawnee Lookout Park from their website.

Shawnee Lookout Park is located at 2030 Lawrenceburg Rd., North Bend, OH.


Thanks again to Great Parks of Hamilton County for sponsoring this post.

3 Unique Ways to Make Your Golf Game More Physical at Shawnee Lookout

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