4 Ways to Be a Better Gift Giver

4 Ways to Be a Better Gift Giver

Gift giving can be a tricky thing. When you get it right, it’s great, when you miss the mark, it’s not so great.

So how do you become a better gift giver?

Over the years, my husband and I have made many attempts to try to get it right. Some years we’ve done better than others. Here is what I’ve learned.

1. Know the recipent’s interest and take note when they mention something that they like or want to do. 

(Keep gift ideas notes in your phone if you hear something that might be useful later)

2. Think out of the box whenever you can.

Show that you put effort into your gift idea. If you are going to give a gift card, add something else to it that shows that you put some thought into it. For example, if they love coffee, you could give a giftcard to their favorite coffee shop along with coffee related gifts.

3. Presentation of the gift makes a big difference.

Presentation is the icing on the cake and what makes a gift go from good to great.

4. Think about how the recepient likes to receive gifts.

This is a big one. The receiver might feel loved most by gifts that incorporate their interests with quality time, acts of service, or physical gifts.

My husband loves recieving gifts. He also gets really excited when he has a gift to give. In years past, he would get so excited about my gift that he would hype up the surprise so much to the point that I would think that I was going on a cruise! So you can imagine how it feels when you think you are going on a cruise and then you discover that you got an original piece of art. I LOVE art! I LOVE original art but I also LOVE vacation!

So one year he got me an original piece of art of a scene that reminded me of something you would see in Europe from one of my favorite local stores. I loved the artwork but when I thought I was going on a vacation to one of my dream destinations, I wasn’t able to give him quite the response he was looking for.

Original art

I’ve also disappointed him with my reaction to another one of his gifts when we first got married. He bought me a watch for Christmas. I didn’t really care for the watch so I returned it and bought another….but I didn’t really care for that one either so I found another watch. It turns out that the watch I chose was the one that he originally purchased for me. I ended up not getting a watch that day.

Over the years, I’ve learned that I enjoy designating gifts from him.  I don’t even know what I want half the time, which makes me a really hard person to shop for. If I purchase an item and designiate it from him, I’m happy with the item every time that I see it. I’ve learned that he still likes to purchase gifts so I’ve learned to be really specific with the options that I would really like so that we both win.

My husband is a big watch person. He loves receiving watches as a gift. It’s a gift that he asks for often and it’s his form of wearable art. This made giving a Jord watch a no brainer.

I previously mentioned that I LOVE art and my husband loves watches. Jord makes high quality wood watches that look like a piece of art. I like their mission too.

The value of a watch is not in being able to tell how much time has passed, but in being aware of the need to make that time count. Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.

I let him be a part of the decision making process. He picked out the Delmar Blue and we measured his wrist to ensure the perfect custom sizing.

Jord Watch 7

The watch arrived ready to wear with the accurate time inside impressive packaging that also paid attention to detail.

Jord box

Jord Wooden Box

Jord Watch

Jord Watch 4

Jord Watch 5

Jord Watch 6

My husband LOVES his watch and it’s a great reminder that I care about him every time he sees it.

Jord Watch

Is a watch on your gift list? Jord now offers free shipping worldwide which helps you spend more on what you love, not shipping.

You can find out more about Jord watches from their website



This post was sponsored by Jord. All opinions are my own. 

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