Tips For Attending BLINK Cincinnati -2022

BLINK is one of my FAVORITE events in Cincinnati, Ohio. After taking a few years off I’m happy to report that BLINK Cincinnati is back for 2022!

As someone who LOVES to help promote tourism, it’s so exciting for me to see people excited about art in my local city.

BLINK also gives locals and tourists an excuse to explore and wander in parts of downtown Cincinnati and Covington, KY that they may not have visited otherwise.

BLINK light projection on church in Covington, KY

I’m sharing tips to help you make the most of your experience attending BLINK Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Ohio skyline

What is BLINK Cincinnati?

BLINK Cincinnati spans 30+ city blocks from Findlay Market in Cincinnati to Covington in Northern Kentucky with large-scale projection mapping, murals, and interactive light sculptures from around the world.

light projection on Ascent at Roebling Bridge for BLINK Cincinnati

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1. Plan Ahead for BLINK Cincinnati

You’ll definitely want to plan ahead to make the most of your time at BLINK Cincinnati.

If you are traveling from out of town you’ll want to book a hotel in downtown Cincinnati or Covington, KY in advance.

BLINK light projection on church in Covington, KY

When is BLINK Cincinnati?

BLINK Cincinnati is October 13-16.

What Time Does BLINK Cincinnati Start?

BLINK Cincinnati starts at 7 PM and goes until 11 PM.

murals in Covington, KY

Are There Admission Tickets for BLINK Cincinnati?

The is no admission ticket needed to attend BLINK Cincinnati. The event is free and open to the public.

Take a Self Guided Tour of BLINK

Self guided digital tours of BLINK are available for a donation of $10 to Artswave featuring exclusive audio and video content for 10 works of art and numerous other BLINK experiences on a 1.5 mile route.

light projection on building  for BLINK Cincinnati

2. Pick a Few MUST See BLINK Installations Ahead of Time

Realistically you’re going to need more than one night to see everything.

If you only have one night to attend BLINK try to get downtown early. Check the BLINK interactive map and social media ahead of time for must see highlights and times for the drone show.

BLINK light projection on church in Covington, KY

Where is BLINK Cincinnati Located?

BLINK Cincinnati is located in 5 zones in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

  • Findlay Market Zone
  • Over the Rhine Zone
  • Downtown Zone
  • The Banks Zone
  • Covington Zone

Download the BLINK event map and focus on 1-2 sections of the city each night if possible.

Make sure that you check out the schedule for the BLINK parade, live entertainment, and drone show times.

*Drone show times are Thursday at 9pm and 10:30pm, Friday-Sunday at 8pm and 10pm

Where is the BLINK Cincinnati Drone Show?

The drone show is located along the banks of the Ohio River on the Kentucky side near the murals on the flood wall by the Roebling Bridge.


3. Save on BLINK Parking and Ride Downtown for FREE

Metro and Tank are offering fare-free rides beginning at 6 p.m. on October 13-16. All rides on both transportation networks, including direct routes to BLINK are free. 

Direct routes to BLINK will be available via four Park and Ride locations. These Park and Ride locations will drop attendees off at the Riverfront Transit Center for both Metro and TANK. 

TANK will also offer service to the Covington Transit Center.

Park and Rides locations:
* Cincinnati State
* Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education
* UC Digital Futures Building
* Northern Kentucky University

The Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar is also free and connects several parts of downtown Cincinnati including the Banks and Over the Rhine.

 Covington Kentucky during BLINK

4. Prepare for a LOT of Walking and Crowds

Wear comfortable shoes because you will do a LOT of walking. Check the weather before you go and bring a backpack with snacks and drinks if you are attending with younger kids.

If you aren’t a fan of big crowds the art installations at BLINK are spread out enough throughout the city for you to still enjoy the experience.

Check the map for murals and art that aren’t in high traffic areas.

Braxton Brewing Company in Covington KY during BLINK Cincinnati

5. Eat or Drink Local While Attending BLINK

Support a local “new to you” restaurant or bar while you’re out. There are plenty of great places to eat and drink throughout Cincinnati and northern Kentucky.

This is a great way to support local businesses in our community while enjoying BLINK.

Findlay Market in Cincinnati Findlay Market in Cincinnati Ohio

More Place to Visit Around Cincinnati

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Save on Your Hotel Stay in Downtown Cincinnati or Covington

You can stay on your hotel stay by comparing rates and booking through the interactive map above.

5 Tips For Attending BLINK Cincinnati

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