7 Reasons to Attend a Cincinnati Cyclones Game

I’ve always enjoyed attending hockey games. I used to watch the Cincinnati Cyclones play at the Cincinnati Gardens when I was a teenager.

I even had a job in college as waitstaff in the VIP seating sections that allowed me to watch all of the Dallas Stars hockey games during their winning season that took them to the playoffs. Now I really enjoy taking my family to games to start our own hockey traditions.

So why should you check out a Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game?

1. There is A LOT of action!

This footage is from a game that we attended a few years ago. Hockey is fast paced and you really have to focus to keep your eye on the puck, which really is good for short attention spans. You can gain a great appreciation for the athleticism and physicality involved in the sport.

2. Great Music

The sound guys know how to play all of the best songs that get you pumped up. They also do a flawless job of not allowing for dead air time in between plays.

3. It’s Family Friendly but also fun to go to with a group of friends 

The environment works for either type of crowd.

4. Fun entertainment in between periods

Your dreams of running inside a giant hamster ball or KnockerBall could come true if you are selected during intermission. I got to try both of them out on Media Day and they are a lot of fun and a great workout.

Hamster Ball 2

5. Fun Promotions

The Cyclones do a lot of special themed nights and promotional nights with $1 beer or hotdogs.

Star Wars night Cincinnati Cyclones

6. They have a great mascot

If you are lucky, you might even catch him slide on his head on the ice.

Cincinnati Cyclones

7. They Give Back to the Community

The Cincinnati Cyclones have a lot of events that give back to local non-profits. You can find out more here.

You can find out more about upcoming games from the Cyclones website. 

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