Macy’s Holiday Events Downtown that you don’t want to miss!

Macy's Holiday Events downtown that you don't want to miss!

Each year I look forward to going downtown for Macy’s Holiday Events. There is something magical about being downtown around the holiday season. This has become one of my favorite traditions with my family. I love that this event is also FREE to the community and that Santa shows his adventurous side by rappelling down a building when he visits Cincinnati.

Macy's Downtown Dazzle

So what can you expect this year?

Celebrate 11 years of Santa and his friends rappelling down the side of the 525 Vine Building to the Macy’s rooftop to kick off a spectacular fireworks display. This 20-minute family-friendly program features performances from local choirs, new lighting effects, and a few surprises. Then each week follow the Family Fun inside the Macy’s Fountain Place from 7-9pm!

Santa Rappelling Macy's Downtown Dazzle
Fireworks at Macy's Downtown Dazzle
Letters to Santa Macy's Downtown Dazzle
Meet Santa at Macy's Downtown Dazzle

Come join me downtown for the FREE Macy’s event on Nov. 28 at 6pm!

You also have two other opportunities to catch the events at Macy’s Fountain Place

Saturday, December 5 at 6:30pm
Saturday, December 12 at 6:30pm
You can also check out these Macy’s Events in other cities

Macy’s Boston (Boston, MA) – Nov. 28, 12pm

Macy’s Monroeville (Monroeville, PA) – Nov. 14, 2pm

Macy’s Monroeville (Monroeville, PA) – Dec. 5, 2pm

Macy’s Metro Center (Washington D.C) – Nov. 14, 2pm

Macy’s Center City (Philadelphia, PA) – Nov. 21, 1pm

Macy’s Union Square (San Francisco, CA) – Nov. 20, 5pm

Macy’s Union Square (San Francisco, CA) – Nov. 27, 6pm

Macy’s Union Square (San Francisco, CA) – Dec. 5, 2pm

Macy’s City Creek (Salt Lake City, UT) – Nov. 19, 6pm


For more information, please visit Macy’s website.



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