7 Simple Ways to Slow Down Summer

7 Simple Ways to Slow Down Summer

Summer always seems to go by WAY too fast.  I love Summer because it’s such a great time of year to slow down and appreciate the simple things. I’m not ready for it to be over any time soon and I want to do everything I can to make it last a little longer. Here are a few simple ways that you can slow down your summer.

1. Stop to enjoy the detail of the flowers in your neighborhood 


2. Catch fireflies or lightning bugs (depending on where you are from)


3. Go swimming and play in the water

Get your hair wet challenge underwater pic

4. Put your toes in the sand either by the ocean or in a sandbox


5. Enjoy a sunset over the water


6. Swing 


7. Cool off with a Bomb Pop

Bomb Pop 6

My boys love when I surprise them with a treat “just because.” You can’t go wrong with the original Bomb Pop. You get multiple flavors in red, white, and blue in the classic rocket shape.

Bomb Pop Collage

You can find Bomb Pops at a local Kroger retailer near you. Find out more about Bomb Pop from their website. 


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bomb Pop. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. I want to win to share the fun of Bomb Pops that I remember from childhood with my great nieces and nephews. They’ve never had a Bomb Pop – can you believe that?!?

  2. I love catching fire flies with my kids we do it every year. To bad they are only around for a short time. My Kids love to eat bomb pops.

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