A Foodies Guide to Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo, North Dakota EXCEEDED my expectations when it came to food. I knew that many of the restaurants were locally sourced from area farms but I had no idea that Fargo would be such a great destination for foodies!

You know you’ve had a great time when your friend says she would fly back to Fargo just for the food!

In Fargo, you get the best of both worlds with Midwest hospitality & charm and creative takes on the classic dishes.

A foodie's guide to Fargo North Dakota

This article is written in partnership with North Dakota Tourism and Visit Fargo-Moorhead. All opinions are my own.

Our Fargo Foodie Strategy

My friend Beth helped me “research” area restaurants during our visit. We like to try “all the things.” Our strategy at a destination is to try what’s local, popular, unique, and of course, what also sounds good to us.

We glance over the menu and find at least two items that “check the boxes.” Then we split everything so that we can try more food… for “research purposes.”

The Boiler Room Fargo ND

Brunch at The Boiler Room

210 Roberts Alley, Fargo, ND

Our adventure in Fargo started at The Boiler Room. The Boiler Room offers an upscale take on bar food brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night food options.

outdoor seating at The Boiler Room Fargo ND

They offer both outdoor seating and plenty of room inside. We enjoyed sitting outside for a few minutes before our table was ready on a Sunday around brunch time.

Scotch eggs at The Boiler Room Fargo ND

We started our meal with their famous Scotch eggs as our appetizer.

Their Scotch eggs are made with hardboiled eggs wrapped in sausage, deep-fried, and served with spicy maple aioli. The appetizer was a nice blend of sweet and savory.

Scotch eggs at the Boiler Room

You know you’re off to a good start when your appetizer smiles back at you. I didn’t see this smiley yoke until later when I looked at pictures from our meal.

Credit goes to a Facebook fan who noticed this “smile” on the yoke of the Scotch egg when I shared a few pictures of our meal online.

Rumchata French Toast at the Boiler Room

Next, we tried their Rumchata French Toast. This breakfast entree is topped with banana butter sauce and served with scrambled eggs & two strips of bacon.

If you want a combination of protein and you have a sweet tooth this breakfast entree is a nice option. If it had a few strawberries on top it would have been perfect.

Marge's World Famous Hot Dish at The Boiler Room Fargo ND

For our savory option, we ordered Marge’s World-Famous Hotdish.

If you are in the Midwest a hot dish is a popular staple but I think it’s more well known in the northern Midwest states.

What is a Hot Dish?

A hot dish is a Midwestern word for a casserole. Hot dishes are usually made with some kind of meat and cream mixture and tater tots and are very popular to heat up on a cold day.

We discovered that Marge’s World Famous Hot Dish is worthy of praise!

The potato for the tater tot was the perfect blend of crisp on the edges and soft in the middle. I couldn’t taste the mushrooms in a good way (I like the mushroom flavor but don’t like the texture.) The carrots were shredded and the green beans were smaller too.

The dish is made with ground bison, mushroom demi-glace, green beans, carrots, mushrooms & corn topped with cheddar cheese & our cheesy tater tots.

Camp Lone Tree

Enjoy the View From Camp Lone Tree (Part of 701 Eateries)

701 N University Drive, Fargo, ND

Camp Lone Tree is named after their dad’s hunting camp, located southwest of Harvey, ND. We visited late Sunday evening on a very windy day.

rooftop at Camp Lone Tree

If the weather had been better we would have dined in the rooftop area.

rooftop at Camp Lone Tree

There are plenty of tables and a high-top bar around half of the perimeter of the space. The area is inviting and laid back with giant outdoor games, corn-hole sets, and seating around a firepit.

seating area at Camp Lone Tree

We dined inside the “cabin” area instead. I loved the details of the colorful wallpaper, Jenga games on a few tables, and beautifully patterned back pillows on the bench along the wall.

cheese curds at Camp Lone Tree

For appetizers, we started with their cheese curds made with locally sourced jumbo curds from Red Head Creamery, served with ranch or ketchup.

I would recommend the cheese curds with their ranch…because everything is better with ranch.

During a visit to Door County, Wisconsin I learned that you can tell a good cheese curd if it squeaks in your mouth. And I’m happy to report that these jumbo cheese curds were squeaky.

Pickle dip with watermelon radishes at Camp Lone Tree

Next, we tried one of “Debby’s Dips.” We opted for the Pickle dip served with chips and watermelon radishes.

If you are unfamiliar with watermelon radishes, they are named for their appearance similar to watermelons, not their taste. The flavor is pretty mild but can have a slight sweetness and they are very crisp.

the Lone Tree Burger at Camp Lone Tree

For our meal, we ordered The Lone Tree Burger. It reminded us of a classic burger at an old-school diner in the best way.

the Lone Tree Burger at Camp Lone Tree

This juicy burger was made with a double patty burger, cheese, housemade pickles, and special sauce.


Breakfast at BernBaum’s

402 Broadway N, Fargo, ND

BernBaum’s was an unexpected gem that I can’t say enough good things about.

toys instead of table number at BernBaum's

After some coaching through the menu items inspired by the owners’ Jewish and Nordic roots, we landed on three menu items to try. We were given a toy as the creative alternative to a table number.

lavender latte at BernBaum's

We selected the partying camel as our table marker and I got my caffeine boost with a lavender latte.

vintage toy ovens on the wall at BernBaum's

Another fun detail on the wall is a collection of vintage toy ovens.

 letters in vintage toy ovens on the wall at BernBaum's

Many of the ovens are filled with notes from customers of all ages.

breakfast at BernBaum's

When our food arrived at our table, the hardest decision was deciding what to try first.

Sweet Porridge at BernBaum's

We tried the “Sweet Porridge” made with local malted oats, wild rice + rye porridge, creme fraiche, matzo granola, and maple syrup.

classic Latkev at BernBaum's

The “Classic Latke” was made with potato latke, apple compote, and creme fraiche.

Iceland Bagel Plate at BernBaum's

Our Nordic-inspired dish was the “Iceland Bagel Plate” made with lox, gravlax, fennel, cucumber + onion pickles, capers, and chevre schmear.

I couldn’t pick a favorite of the three because each dish was SO GOOD!

menu on vinyl at Vinyl Taco in Fargo

Listen to Vinyl in an Electic Atmosphere at Vinyl Taco

520 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND

I appreciate the little details and the menu at Vinyl Taco, presented on vinyl, was such a fun first impression.

murals at Vinyl Taco

All the music played in the restaurant is on vinyl on the turntables behind the bar.

stuffed bison at Vinyl Taco

The bison displayed above the bar was a creative TV holder.

Vinyl Taco

The large murals and vintage and neon signs were also a fun touch.

raspberry margarita and street corn nachos at Vinyl Taco

Now on to the food. We started with street corn nachos made with tortilla chips topped with queso sauce, creamed corn, queso fresco, Blanco crema, and cilantro.

We washed the nachos down with their wonderful raspberry margaritas.

tacos at Vinyl Taco

The four tacos we tried were the following:

  • cilantro lime chicken > lime-marinated chicken, pico, cilantro, queso fresco and jalapeño ranch 
  • crispy chicken & mango > crispy crusted chicken, fresh spinach, shredded cheese, fresh diced mango, and house-made sweet onion vinaigrette
  • pork belly “agridulce” > smoked, sweet and sour braised pork belly, tobacco onions, red slaw and au jus
  • shrimp a la parilla > grilled shrimp, creamed corn, pico, serrano-avocado salsa, and jalapeño ranch
tacos at Vinyl Taco

We split each of the tacos and our favorite was the “Crispy Mango and Chicken” pictured above perfect for sweet and savory lovers.

tacos at Vinyl Taco

Our other favorite was the “Shrimp a la perilla” which had great heat if you are a fan of spice.

outside Vinyl Taco

In addition to indoor seating, a few tables outside are surrounded by colorful bicycle wheels.

outside Wurst Bier Hall in downtown Fargo

German Cuisine at Wurst Bier Hall

630 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND

When you start your meal with a “Flight of bacon,” you know you’re off to a great start!

Bacon Flight at Wurst Bier Hall in downtown Fargo

Our Bacon Flight included peppered, Guinness Glaze, brown sugar, and hickory smoked bacon.

Bavarian beer pretzels at Wurst Bier Hall in downtown Fargo

Next, we tried the Bavarian Beer Pretzels served with Haus beer-cheese dip and marshmallow fluff.

I’ll admit I was skeptical of the marshmallow fluff. I envisioned marshmallow fluff used in a “Fluffernutter” sandwich. What came to our table was anything but.

This magical marshmallow fluff is made with half & half, marshmallow creme, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper and it is WONDERFUL!!!

coffee with marshmallow fluff from Wurst Bier Hall

I’ll give you a tip that we got from our server that will forever change the way you want to drink coffee.

Order extra marshmallow fluff before you leave Wurst Bier Hall and use it in your coffee the following morning.

It is a GAME CHANGER!…and you’re welcome.

Spaetzle mac and cheese at Wurst Bier Hall in downtown Fargo

Next, we ordered the Spaetzle mac & cheese made with spaetzle dumplings in a creamy beurre blanc cheese sauce.

Spaetzle mac and cheese and sausage at Wurst Bier Hall in downtown Fargo

Our Spaetzle mac & cheese came with our choice of sausage.

Spaetzle mac and cheese and sausage at Wurst Bier Hall in downtown Fargo

We opted for the German sausage (Smoked sausage from West Fargo, ND) and jalapeno cheddar sausage (Smoked sausage from Casselton, ND. )

Our server had the kitchen split our entree making it easier to enjoy.

If you want to try more exotic sausages some menu options can take you out of your culinary comfort zone. ( Boar-buffalo cheddar, Elk with jalapeno and cheese, and rabbit with rattlesnake and jalapeno)

Nicole's Fine Pastry and Ca

European-Inspired Pastries at Nicole’s Fine Pastry & Cafe

13 8th St. S, Fargo, ND

pastries at Nicole's Fine Pastry and Cafe

If you have a sweet tooth, you need to plan a stop at Nicole’s Fine Pastry & Cafe offering both American and European-inspired pastries made by hand from scratch.

The cafe offers breakfast, lunch, dessert, and espresso. It’s a great stop for lunch or a treat.

signed baking pan Guy Fieri at Nicole's Fine Pastry and Cafe

The cafe was also featured on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on The Food Network on January 29, 2021.

 soup and sandwich at Nicole's Fine Pastry and Cafe

We started with a roost beef with pear gorgonzola sandwich, served with a cup of cream of mushroom soup.

Feuilletine Tower at Nicole's Fine Pastry and Cafe

We tried one of the most popular pastries, the Feuilletine Tower for dessert.

I’m glad we split it because it would have been too rich for one person and each bite was laid with an assortment of flavors and absolutely delectable!

description for Feuilletine Tower at Nicole's Fine Pastry and Ca

The Feuilletine Tower is made with chocolate cake, “croquant”, dark chocolate mousse with a chocolate ganache, crunchy hazelnut, and crunchy “feuilletine” flakes, and topped with an edible gold leaf.

You can’t go wrong with any pastry selection from Nichole’s.

sign for Teddy's Eatery and Parlor

A Theodore Roosevelt-Inspired Experience at Teddy’s Eatery & Parlor

212 Broadway N, Fargo, ND

Teddy's Eatery and Parlor

Teddy’s Eatery & Parlor displays an adoration for the 26th U.S. President who spent a lot of time in the Badlands of North Dakota near Medora.

Teddy's Eatery and Parlor

The restaurant is set up for both regular dining and also has a private event space.

wall art at Teddy's Eatery and Parlor

The wall art and rail spike coat hooks are just a few details that added to the theme.

Teddy's Eatery and Parlor

I also appreciated that the bar had both outlets to charge your phone and hooks for your jacket or purse.

ghost rider sandwich at Teddy's Eatery and Parlor

Teddy’s is known for their grilled cheese sandwiches ranging from creative to classic. We opted for menu options we could try both their tomato soup and their gouda fondue.

“Ghost Rider” is made with Pepper-jack, habanero & ghost pepper-jack on toasted sourdough bread served with a crisp pickle & dipper of tomato soup.

Beth also wanted me to mention that it wasn’t as spicy as it sounds. She doesn’t like crazy spicy and I typically wish menu items were spicier so she is a better judge of the spice level.

sweet tooth sandwich at Teddy's Eatery and Parlor

“Sweet tooth” is made with Cranberry muenster, sliced gouda & honey butter with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on toasted cranberry wild rice bread served with a dipper of gouda fondue.

We split each sandwich and rotated bites with dips with their correlating soup or cheese…but no double-dipping was allowed. Alternating between sweet and savory bites of each sandwich was PERFECTION!

Rhombus Guys

Creative Pies at Rhombus Guys

606 Main Ave, Fargo, ND

bar at Rhombus Guys

For pizza, Rhombus Guys is a great option. There is plenty of seating inside, in addition to rooftop seating 6 days a week, weather permitting.

pizza at Rhombus Guys

We ordered the 12-inch pizza and split it with two “Unbelievable” specialty pizzas.

What’s nice is that you don’t have to have the same base sauce for the two pizza selections allowing you to go as extreme as you want for your combinations.

specialty pizza at Rhombus Guys

We tried the “Louisiana Saturday Night” (pictured on the left.) It was made with Cajun marinara, shrimp, sausage, pepperoncini, red pepper, caramelized onion, and mozzarella.

The other half was the “Spicy Pickle.” It was made with roasted jalapeno cream cheese sauce, Canadian bacon, bacon, pickles, parmesan, provolone, cheddar, and mozzarella.

We both enjoyed each specialty pizza equally because they were both so unique.

If you aren’t feeling as adventurous there are plenty of Rhombus Originals to choose from in addition to Detroit-style pizza served in a square shape with a deep dish crust.

Rosewild at the Jasper Hotel

Farm to Fargo Dinner at Rosewild at the Jasper Hotel

If you want an elevated farm-to-table dining experience Rosewild checks all the boxes and then some!

dining area at Rosewild

The atmosphere is cool and welcoming with dining options for guests inside and out.

bar at Rosewild

Rosewild incorporates hearth cooking and traditional preservation methods in its seasonal menu.

Rosewild also sources locally from the following farms:

chefs at Rosewild

If you spend a few minutes at the bar you can watch their chefs in action as they prepare food over the fire.

cocktails at Rosewild

While you’re at the bar you’ll want to try one of their craft cocktails. The “Garden Party” is a light and refreshing option made with Wheatley vodka, aquavit, cucumber, lime, basil, fennel, and soda.

It was so good that my friend Beth has been trying to recreate it at home ever since.

I also enjoyed the “Dakota Dave” made with Rittenhouse rye, ginger, Averna amaro, lime, mint, and cucumber.

cast iron cornbread at Rosewild

Sharables at Rosewild

We ordered several menu items to share and requested that they be sent out one at a time so that we could focus on enjoying each one.

cast iron cornbread at Rosewild

First, we tried the “cast iron cornbread” made with Doubting Thomas cornmeal and served with honey butter and bacon caramel…yes bacon caramel!

bison tartare at Rosewild

Next was the “Bison Tartare” made with violet mustard, caper, and bone marrow crostini.

bison tartare at Rosewild

The flavors were fantastic and the presentation of the Bison tartare on a bison femur bone was unforgettable!

crispy cauliflower at Rosewild

The “crispy cauliflower” is another MUST TRY made with sesame, pickled red onion, and lime crema.

The crispy outside and the citrus flavors almost make you forget you’re eating cauliflower!

smoked whitefish carbonara at Rosewild

Our final selection was the “Smoked whitefish carbonara” made with English peas, egg yolk, and parmesan.

Normally I would not be a fan of peas as someone who typically avoids cooked green vegetables but this dish overcame my normal preferences and was delicious!

Have you wanting Smores dessert at Rosewild

Save Room for Dessert at Rosewild

We weren’t hungry at the end of our meal, BUT we noticed our server toasting something at the table next to us and had to find out more.

Have you wanting Smores dessert at Rosewild

Our curiosity demanded the need to do more “research.” And that’s why we couldn’t leave without ordering the “Have You Wanting Smores.”

This incredible dessert is made with chocolate pudding, graham cracker glaze, and meringue.

toasted Have you wanting Smores dessert at Rosewild

The toasting is done tableside by your server and it’s Instagram-worthy in both presentation and taste.

breakfast at Rosewild

Breakfast at Rosewild

The next morning we tried Rosewild’s breakfast. This was no ordinary hotel breakfast! I did NOT expect breakfast at Rosewild to be equal in quality to the dinner we experienced the night before.

pastries at Rosewild

The pastries in the case come from Nichole’s Fine Pastry & Cafe.

We decided to try the breakfast sandwich and the homemade cinnamon roll made in-house.

breakfast sandwich at Rosewild

The descriptions don’t do them justice. The “breakfast sandwich” should be renamed “The BEST breakfast sandwich you’ve ever tried!”

I’ve had a lot of breakfast sandwiches and yes, it was THAT GOOD!

The brioche bread melts in your mouth, made with a fried egg, house sausage, and caramelized onion with dijonaise.

The sandwich was served with a side salad with a light vinaigrette which was also surprising.

cinnamon roll at Rosewild

The homemade cinnamon roll was made with cardamom, and orange, with a cream cheese frosting, served in a warm dish.

The cinnamon roll is both gooey and crisp in a good way. I was glad we split it because even though it was a regular size, it was rich.

ice cream in front of mural at The Silver Lining Creamery

Sweet Treat at The Silver Lining Creamery

123 Broadway N, Fargo, ND

ice cream makes me happy mural at The Silver Lining Creamery

If ice cream makes you happy, look no further than The Silver Lining Creamery.

friends with ice cream at The Silver Lining Creamery

Local ice cream is a must when you visit a destination and The Silver Lining Creamery will make a great impression.

Thrillist Online Magazine also recognized The Silverling Creamery as one of the “Best Ice Cream Shops in the Midwest.”

ice cream flavors at The Silver Lining Creamery

They serve fresh and unique flavors of small 2.5-gallon batches of ice cream.

 ice cream at The Silver Lining Creamery

Pictured above is a homemade waffle cone with a scoop of almond poppyseed on the bottom and a scoop of chipotle chili blackberry on top (this one has a great kick if you like spice.)

 scoops of ice cream at The Silver Lining Creamery

Beth tried the almond poppyseed, Captain Crunch, German chocolate cake, and lavender honey. Her favorite flavor was Captain Crunch.

Mason Jar Sundaes featuring toppings and sauces are available in the freezer case with Silver Lining ice cream.

Where to Grab a Drink in Fargo, ND

Fargo has several places to grab a drink that you will want to add to your list.

Twenty Below Coffee Co

Coffee Stop at Twenty Below Coffee Co

14 Roberts St N, Fargo, ND

Twenty Below Coffee Co

If you like coffee, you’ll want to plan a visit to Twenty Below, ranked top coffee shop in North Dakota by the Food Network and Fargo’s only independent coffee roaster.

menu at Twenty Below Coffee Co

If unsure what to order, the chart helps break down the coffee brewing methods/options and non-coffee menu items available.

The Kinnick at Twenty Below Coffee Co

I tried “The Kinnick” made with Grade A Minnesota maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon described as a lumberjack spin on their regular latte.

I immediately understood why it was so popular after I tried it. It reminded me of the Roosevelt latte from Honest Coffee in Franklin, TN.

entrance for Drekker Brewing Co

A Beautiful Building and Great Branding at Drekker Brewing Co.

1666 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND

In full transparency, I typically don’t like beer BUT I love sours and unique buildings, which made Drekker Brewing Co. my kind of brewery.

friends at Drekker Brewing Co

Drekker Brewing Co. was recommended with affection by almost every local we met during our visit. We shared their enthusiasm after our experience.

Drekker Brewing Co

First of all, the building is absolutely GORGEOUS! The ceilings are high and the space is open and welcoming.

outdoor space at Drekker Brewing Co

We visited during a windy/rainy evening but I’m sure the outdoor space is popular on warm days. The outdoor space is also pet-friendly.

drinks at Drekker Brewing Co

The building dates back to the late 1800s and was formerly used for rail car storage. Notice the original arches where the trains passed through.

skylights at Drekker Brewing Co

The skylights are where the smoke from the train exhaust used to rise.

logos for Drekker Brewing Co

The branding is also really fun in both the design for their drinks and their merchandise.

I typically don’t buy merchandise at a brewery but the unique Viking logo and soft material of the t-shirts made us instantly want to give them our money.

living wall at Drekker Brewing Co
pinball at Drekker Brewing Co

During the day the space is very family-friendly. After 8pm it’s only for guests 21 and up.

sours at Drekker Brewing Co

Drinks at Drekker Brewing Co

The sours and hard seltzers were both wonderful. Their hard seltzers don’t have the typical bitter seltzer aftertaste and are almost fluffy… which I realize is a weird way to describe it. They use real fruit to have a consistency that reminded me of something similar to a smoothie.

Drekker Brewing Co. doesn’t offer flights but they do offer smaller pours to help you discover your favorite.

We tried the following during our visit:

  • Techno Viking – Berlinger Weisse
  • Braiiins – Blueberry & Lemon sour
  • Plop Hefty Fruited Hard Seltzer – Pain Killer
  • Plop Hefty Fruited Hard Seltzer – Strawberry daiquiri
  • Slang Du Jour – Coconut key lime pie
  • Everybody Love Everybody -Rainbow sherbet
  • Eye Scream – frozen version of one of the sours
  • Nitro Coffee- Oat milk latte
mural at Fargo Brewing Company

Craft Beer at Fargo Brewing Company

610 N University Dr, Fargo, ND

We also had to check out Fargo Brewing Company while in town. Fargo Brewing Company has a great atmosphere and appeals to a variety of customers who have a love of beer in common.

loading dock at Fargo Brewing Company

We parked across the street because the parking lot was packed with cars and motorcycles that evening.

There was live music on the loading dock and a bar nearby for patrons who wanted to enjoy the music while sitting at a table outside.

Fargo Brewing Company

Around the corner was the taproom where we saw several families inside and in another outdoor space, we observed runners grabbing tables in groups after completing their runs.

outdoor seating area at Fargo Brewing Company

If you want to multi-task there is even a barbershop inside the brewery.

 barber shop at Fargo Brewing Company

That’s right, Nice Barber Company is located within the brewery and walk-ins are welcome.

Fargo Brewing Company

We tried a flight of beers based on their popularity and fun names.

  • Wood Chipper – American  IPA
  • Funk Monster – Saison
  • Full Send – Smoothie Sour
  • Stones Throw – Scottish Ale
outdoor patio at Wild Terra cider bar

Try Experimental Ciders at Wild Terra Urban Cider Bar

6 12th St N, Fargo, ND

If you like cider, you’ll want to check out Wild Terra.

bar at Wild Terra
friends at Wild Terra

The space and design are beautiful both inside and out.

There is a main level, additional seating in the loft area, and an outside area with large black and white striped umbrellas and colorful murals.

Wild Terra cider bar
cider flight at Wild Terra cider bar

We tried a flight of the following creative ciders:

  • Lily Dipper- strawberry-infused
  • Fruited Sour- blood orange and tangerine
  • More Sauce-ancho chile and gooseberry
  • Slacker Packer- pineapple and hops

The “More Sauce” was probably my favorite because I like anything with a kick.

unique bathrooms at Wild Terra cider bar

Visit their bathrooms at some point because they are worth checking out.

The 80s-themed unisex bathroom has real cassettes on the wall and the blacklight and ceiling of the other unisex bathroom are also memorable.

 Proof Artisan Distillers

Try Local Spirits at Proof Artisan Distillers

414 4th Ave N, Fargo, ND

Proof Artisan Distillers specializes in small-batch spirits and has won over 30 national awards. They take pride in all of the details from grain-to-barrel to bottle-to-glass.  

Creative repurposing has brought new life to the historic building dating back to the 1920s.

What was once used as a Ford and Cadillac dealer and Fargo Municipal Courthouse, is now the location of the first legal whiskey distillery in North Dakota.

copper still at Proof Artisan Distillers

Proof Artisan Distillers uses locally grown potatoes for their vodkas and gins. The potatoes can take 40 days to ferment and the process is very delicate because a slight mistake can ruin a whole batch.

In addition to using North Dakota-grown potatoes, Proof Artisan Distillers also uses local barley and corn for their whiskey and bourbons.

gin at Proof Artisan Distillers

I’m normally not a big fan of gin, but the MINIONS Gins at Proof Artisan Distillers changed my mind.

So much so that Beth and I each brought home a bottle for our husbands.

This gin has a reputation for converting non-gin fans like ourselves and we see why. It doesn’t leave a strong pine needle/ bitter/ juniper taste in your mouth and it’s light and refreshing.

Make sure that you schedule an appointment if you want to experience a tasting.

Bear Creek Winery

8800 25th St S, Fargo, ND

Unfortunately, Bear Creek Winery wasn’t open during our visit so I can’t share my experience. Guests can enjoy tastings of award-winning North Dakota wine in a scenic setting.

Which Restaurant Do You Want to Try First?

With so many great options, your hardest decision is deciding which restaurant in Fargo you want to visit first.

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