A Unique Way to Exercise at Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati

If you are looking for a fun way to mix up your fitness routine, I highly recommend checking out a bungee fitness class at Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati.

A Unique Way to Exercise at Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati

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I love to try unique fitness classes. I’d been wanting to try this unique type of workout class for years, and I was so excited to finally find a bungee cord fitness class near me.

bungee cord fitness class in Cincinnati

What is a Bungee Fitness Class?

A bungee fitness class is a mix of low impact and high intensity exercises with cardio and strength.

The group class will get your heart rate up with fun routines and upbeat music.

Each class attendee is hooked into their individual bungee harness. If you have gone ziplining or rock climbing the feeling will be familiar.

Adventure Mom meetup at FLY Bungee Fitness

Who can take a Fly Bungee Fitness Class?

Attendees ages 13 and up. You MUST weigh at least 90 pounds, and you must NOT weigh more than 240 pounds.

You will be weighed privately at the beginning of class when you arrive, in order to customize your bungee station. 

Before Your Fly Bungee Fitness Class

You need to prepay and make a reservation for the specific class that you want to take online or on the mind-body app. There is also a waiver that you need to complete online before your class.

If you are registering for someone ages 13-17, they need to have their own account. You can still use your credit card to purchase it on their account.

They don’t accept drop ins so plan ahead!

If you are late, you will not be allowed to participate and you will not be refunded. There are exceptions so get there early. 

If you have longer hair you will be asked to put it in a bun so that it doesn’t get caught in the bungee straps.

welcome sign at Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati

Safety Protocols When You Arrive at Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati

Class attendees are instructed to wait in their vehicle in the parking lot until they get a text message that it’s their time to go in.

back entrance door to Fly Bungee Fitness Class in Cincinnati

One person will be allowed to enter the building at a time through the green door in the back.

Your temperature is checked by a staff member as soon as you enter. Next, you are asked to wash your hands, then you will be privately weighed in and instructed to which bungee station will be yours.

During the class the Bungee rigs are 8 feet apart to help maintain distance.

Everyone is required to wear a mask when they enter the building.

All of the foam pads used for comfort and bungee harnesses are sanitized in between each class.

I would recommend keeping your water bottle out of the way but within reach when you are harnessed.

squats during Bungee Fitness Class in Cincinnati

How large is the class size for a Bungee Fitness Class?

There is a 7 person max for attendees per bungee class. In addition to that number are your class instructor and 1-2 staff members who assist with check-in and set up.

If you want to take a class together with friends, you can book a private class for your group of up to 7 people.

I emailed the owner a few weeks ahead of time for available timeslot options for an upcoming private class. It averages out to $25 pp and I paid the amount upfront and then everyone Venmo’d me before the class.

How long is the bungee fitness class?

The bungee fitness classes are about one hour from start to finish.

The first 15 minutes are for check-in with your weigh-in, safety instructions, and getting everyone in the class set up on their individual bungee rig.

The fun part, AKA “bungee time,” is 45 minutes long.

Fly sticker on the floor for FLY bungee fit class

What to Expect During Your First Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati Class

Each class attendee has a FLY sticker on the floor to use as a starting point of reference. We went over the basic bungee fitness dance moves and skills before each song.

After the warmup, you can have the instructor help adjust your straps if you feel discomfort. The straps around my inner thighs felt too tight each time that I did squats so we made adjustments. It made a big difference!

I was also told that many class regulars purchase car seat strap covers for additional comfort.

I have long, thick hair and my bun kept on loosening during the exercises… so I had to keep on adjusting it.

As a result, my hair tie ended up breaking during the class. (Thankfully a friend had an extra hair tie) I would recommend wearing a few hair ties if you have thick hair.

trust fall during Fly Bungee Fitness Class

The Bungee Fitness Class Experience

The “trust fall” was the most difficult skill for me to get the hang of. Everyone else in our class did great with it. I either didn’t trust myself enough or maybe I needed to make the strap around my stomach a little tighter to feel more secure in letting go.

There is an additional pad that you can use on your stomach to help make it more comfortable during class.

We wore masks the whole time during our class with the exception of water breaks. This can be an adjustment if you haven’t taken a cardio class in a mask before.

I would recommend wearing a lightweight mask or a mask that’s designed for athletics.

group Bungee Fitness Class in Cincinnati

My favorite skill that we learned at the end of class was how to “fly.”

My friend and I couldn’t resist saying “BOING” during our fly jump reminiscent of a Mario Brother….because if you are not having fun during this class you are doing it wrong.

group Bungee Fitness Class in Cincinnati

Is the Impact During a Bungee Fitness Class Painful?

The best part about a bungee fitness class is that it allows for up to a 70% impact reduction which feels so much easier on your joints.

Burpees were WAY more fun to do attached to a bungee rig vs. the regular way.

Certain exercises and squats can normally hurt my knees but during our bungee fitness class, I didn’t feel any pain.

bungee cord fitness classes Cincinnati

Can You Video Your Bungee Fitness Class?

They don’t allow spectators in the studio but they do have a cell phone holder if you want to record your class.

I did a timelapse video and then our instructor took a few extra pictures for us. You can also slow down your video in iMovie and screenshot some of the frames if you want action shots.

How Do You Progress to the Next Level at Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati?

As you progress in the bungee classes you can graduate to the next level of challenge and intensity.

All class attendees MUST take “SimpliFLY” (Level 1) before moving on to their other class options. If it’s been more than 3 weeks since you took a Level 1 class you are required to take another Level class as a refresher class before you can advance to the Level 2 class.

It’s important to have the basics skills mastered to help reduce the risk of injury. The Level 2 bungee fitness class is 3X the intensity of Level 1 so you will want to feel confident that you’ve got the basics down before you move up to the next challenge.

There are also private 1-on-1 skill training sessions available if you prefer to work on developing your skills in a more private setting.

Adventure Mom Nedra McDaniel and friend at Bungee Fitness

What Should You Wear to a Bungee Fitness Class?

You will definitely want to wear athletic leggings or capris. Shorts can be worn over them as an additional layer.

You don’t want to wear shorts alone because the harness will ride them up and the straps will rub against your skin.

I personally prefer tank tops over short sleeve shirts with a light jacket on when I come in. You’ll heat up quickly during the class so I would dress in layers if want to start the class in a long sleeve shirt.

Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati sign

How much are the Bungee Classes at Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati?

*Pricing accurate at the time of posting. Confirm on their website before you go.

If you are a new client you can earn a BOGO class for $25. For regular attendees, it’s $25 a bungee class.

For the best value, purchase a bungee class bundle available in class increments of 5, 10, and 15.

outside sign for Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati

Where is Fly Bungee Fitness Cincinnati?

4820 Ridge Ave, Cincinnati, OH

Fly Bungee Fitness is located in the Oakley area in Cincinnati, Ohio. There is a free parking lot for attendees located behind the building that faces Ridge Ave.

How to Find a Bungee Fitness Bungee Workout Class Near Me

If you don’t live near Cincinnati, check out the MINDBODY app to find a bungee fitness class location near you.

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