Burn Calories With These FUN and Unique Fitness Adventures

The best types of fitness adventures are the ones that make exercising enjoyable and dare I say FUN!

I’m sharing unique classes and fitness adventures that will challenge you and make burning calories more interesting.

Burn Calories With These FUN and Unique Fitness Adventures
try the Trapeze with Cincinnati Circus Company

Try the Trapeze

Run away with the circus for a day and discover what it’s like to fly on the trapeze. You are harnessed in for a safe experience and will definitely get a work out as you climb the ladder and then attempt to try a few moves on the bar.

The trapeze can be a great experience for all fitness levels. Hanging onto the bar will test your arm strength and the more flexible you are, the more likely you will be able to learn new skills on the bar quickly.

Falling isn’t scary because of your harness and the giant net below. You can even do a cool flip off of the net as you exit to feel like a circus pro.

Intro to aerial silks Voler Thieves of Flight class Kansas City Kansas

Take an Aerial Silks Workshop

These are WAY harder than you would think. I took an aerial silks workshop and it was challenging to climb up a few inches.

A big part of the learning curve is learning how to wrap your foot to secure yourself in the material and to get the technique down as you try to find the rhythm in pushing your foot down and pulling up on the silk.

This is the type of class or workshop that is best over a consistent period of time to see real progress. A one time class will give you a taste of what it’s like and hopefully keep you coming back.

trampoline exercise class at SkyZone trampoline park

Bounce and Burn Calories at a Trampoline Class

Why should the kids have all the fun??!!

A trampoline aerobics class is a really fun way to exercise while burning LOTS of calories while you bounce.

A word of caution to anyone who has given birth, make sure that you go to the bathroom before and don’t drink a lot of water. I speak from experience.

This is a great cardio workout that keeps you smiling the whole class because it’s almost impossible to be grumpy while you are bouncing.

hula hoop class

Take a Hula Hoop Class

Reconnect to your childhood and work on your core during a hula hoop class. The weighted hula hoops will help you get the rhythm relatively quickly.

I always had a hard time keeping the hula hoop off the ground as a kid but the weighted hoop makes all the difference. You can pick up a few skills pretty easily in your first class.

surf set fitness class

Try a Surf Set Class

Mix up your exercise routine with a class that teaches you skills that mimic moves you make while surfing.

As a Midwest girl who loves the idea of being a surfer chic, this is about as close as I come to surfing beside paddleboarding. The class is great for balance and your core.

There is also a good chance that it might inspire you to actually go surfing.

Boga class on a floating mat

Challenge Your Balance During a Class on a Floating Aquatic Mat

A combination of yoga moves on a floating aquatic fitness mat. A BOGA Fit class will challenge you and it will also give you lots of laughs because there is a good chance that you will end up in the water several times during the class.

The water will almost feel like a relief especially if you are taking the class at an indoor pool because your body temperature will heat up fast trying the moves.

You do a lot of yoga moves in this class so do yourself, and everyone around you a favor and wear shorts and a tank top.

That will ensure that you don’t spill out of your swimsuit, exposing more of your body than you wanted to during a pose.

aerial yoga class

Try an Aerial Yoga Class

A yoga class that’s really FUN! 

You get a FANTASTIC stretch during an aerial yoga class. During the class you’ll be challenged to try different stretches and movements using the silks. Don’t worry, you are not far off the ground and the movements are safe. 

The best part is when you get to relax in your own little hammock cocoon at the end of the class.

None of us wanted it to end because it was so relaxing!

fencing class

Take a Fencing Class

If your point of reference for fencing is The Princess Bride, you could be dating yourself and you might be a little disappointed.

You don’t learn big combat sequences in a fencing class but I guarantee that you will get your heart rate up.

The point system can be a bit confusing in the beginning but it’s a great way to get exercise and challenge yourself to try something out of your typical exercise box.

friends at the Color Run

Participate in a Themed FUN Run

Even if you are not a runner, a fun run can be a great incentive to get moving. I’m a sucker for a gimmick so the wackier the race the better!

Grab a group of friends, dress in a theme for extra points for a Glow Run, Color Run, Mud Run, a Food-themed run, Holiday Themed Run, or a Themed Costume Run.

Buzz Bicycle electric bike at Mackinaw City

Go on an E-bike Ride

Experience riding a bike…with an extra boost of power.

With many e-bike models you still need pedal, you just have reserve power to help you on the hills.

You can adjust the amount of power that you use during your ride to make it easier or harder.

Fly Bungee Cincinnati exercise cl

Try a FLY Bungee Fitness Class

This class is way easier on your joints and also more fun!

During the intro class, you will learn the basic techniques of bungee fitness which includes balance, squats, jumps, and burpees.

My favorite part was when we did the jumps.

Each class participant wears a harness and the cardio will get your heart rate up.

There are different levels of classes that you can take as your skills progress.

A Few Tips For Getting Out of Your Exercise Comfort Zone

  • Challenge yourself to try something new regularly
  • Bring a friend. Safety in numbers
  • Don’t expect perfection for your first attempt
  • Be ok with looking stupid and laughing at yourself

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring.

How do you mix things up to make exercise more fun? 

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