Dear Summer, I’m Not Ready for You to Be Over

Dear Summer Im not ready for you to be over

Dear Summer,

I’m not ready for you to be over. I thought that we had more time to be together.

I had BIG ambitions of crossing more adventures off my bucket list before you ended.

I still need a few more nights for campfires and S’mores.

I still haven’t made it to the drive in movies yet.

I’m not ready for bedtimes and routine or buying overpriced school supplies.

I don’t want to give up long days, late nights, coverups, and flip flops.

I’m not ready to start making real meals. Not that I made many, but you give me even more of an excuse and a pass for what qualifies as a meal.

I need to get my hair wet with the kids a few more times. I still want to cherish every moment that they will play with me before they ditch me for their friends at the pool.

I thought we had more time to invite special friends over for dinner. We assumed we did, so we didn’t, and I regret that.

THIS was going to be the summer that we took the boys fishing…..maybe this fall.

I thought that I had more time to get projects done around the house…. who are we kidding, pool over projects any day……maybe in the winter.

Thanks for giving us an excuse to sleep in, to stay up late, to float, to celebrate with a drink, to BBQ, to dare, to rest, to dream.

Thanks for showing us to appreciate each day.

To make moments count.

You are a vapor.

If we had you all of the time, we wouldn’t appreciate you like we should.

So we will try to find the redeemable in the next season. We’ll act like we are excited about fall boots, earlier bed times for the kids, routine, our favorite tv shows that will have new episodes, not having to shave our legs as often, pumpkin everything, fall sports, and cooler weather.

I’m not letting go of you easy. I will do my best to make the most of your final days and I will cherish all of the memories we shared together in pictures that I will never get around to printing.

I can’t wait til we have more time to spend together again!


Your biggest fan!


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