How to determine if schooling at home is right for your family

How to determine if schooling at home is right for your family

Disclosure: This conversation is sponsored by Connections Academy. All opinions are my own.

Connections Academy

A Free Virtual Education Option

It’s good to know your options if you are considering homeschooling as an alternative for educating your child.

I briefly homeschooled my boys for a few months when we moved out of state for a new job. We made that decision because we didn’t want to put our boys through another transition so quickly with just moving to a new city.

My season with homeschooling was really short and I wish that I had known that Connections Academy was a free option available.

It can be really overwhelming when you are trying to find quality curriculum options for your kids.  Especially when you’re expected to deliver the curriculum (unlike Connections Academy which has teachers delivering the curriculum to your kids).

I took some time learning about Connections Academy’s free virtual education offerings and learned a lot about the program. They offer flexible options for parents who are looking to give their children an education outside the school walls.

Learn more about Connections Academy and see insights from friends of mine who homeschool their children.

More about Connections Academy: Fast Facts

  • Connections Academy schools are tuition-free online public schools for students in grades K–12.
  • There are no materials fees and no tuition charges. The courses meet state standards while also integrating the best materials and resources available to create a curriculum that keeps students engaged in new and creative ways.
  • Connections Academy is more than just an at-home schooling platform. Connections Academy builds socialization skills, communities, and friendships through online LiveLesson® sessions, in-person gatherings, activities, and field trips to keep students engaged and eager to participate.
  • At home or wherever the Internet is accessible, this user-friendly online education management system connects students with their lessons, teachers, and a wide range of educational resources.
  • Connections Academy focuses not only on the education of their students but also offers and engages their students in day-to-day activities that help to build personal relationships outside of the virtual world.

Personalized Education Support From Teachers

Connections Academy attracts caring, talented teachers who have genuine respect for young people and believe strongly in collaborating with parents to prepare each student for success.

Because they know their students well, Connections Academy teachers can personalize lessons and coursework to ensure that each student receives the right degree of challenge or support.

Often, teachers get to know the entire family. These close bonds enable teachers to make lifelong connections with their students.

Summer School Options

International Connections Academy is another option for families who also want to make sure that their student doesn’t get behind during the summer months.

My oldest is a self-starter, who is taking advanced classes. My younger son has struggled more and I would love to have him working on a few things this summer so that he doesn’t get behind when the school year starts.

*The summer school option does have tuition, unlike the state-based Connections Academy during the school year which is tuition-free.

Connections Academy

Check Out Sample Lessons

I would encourage you to check out the sample lessons from several grade levels and subjects on the website to help you get an idea of what Connections Academy has to offer.

Trust Your Gut

You know the needs of your child better than anyone else.

It takes a village to raise a child. It’s good to know what your options are when it comes to determining if virtual schooling and/or homeschooling is right for you.

It’s good to know that there are resources and support available so that you don’t have to be alone on the journey.

You can find more information about Connections Academy from their website.

Main Takeaways

Parents are faced with so many decisions when it comes to their child’s education.

It’s becoming even more apparent that what works for some doesn’t always work for all. This is especially true when it comes to education.

A lot of my friends have chosen the path of homeschooling or virtual schooling for a wide variety of reasons.

I asked a few of them to share the benefits and talk about some of the misconceptions.

Their feedback (shared below) sums up that the decision to school children at home could be for a season, a specific reason, or as a choice for the course of their education.

Learn more below.

flexible schedule with homeschooling

What are the benefits of schooling at home?

Flexible Schedule

Angie Keiser- Love love love the customization and flexibility aspects! We go at her pace, so when a concept is mastered, we can quickly move on to the next.

When she needs extra help, we have that time too. Mostly though, we love that we can take the curriculum with us anywhere we go and the world is truly her classroom.

The flexibility of the schedule is also something that is so fantastic for us.

And while we have a regular routine of when we do school work, we’re also flexible so that we can take advantage of travel and other opportunities. 

Katie McCallum – We love the ease of not needing to rush, pack lunches and backpacks, and generally regaining control of our schedules/lives.

Before, we seemed to only have the crabby, worn-out version of our kids…now we get to be with them at their best, too.

kids with frog individual attention to learn with homeschooling

Individual Attention

Sherryl Wilson- Loved the freedom to go at their own pace.. or back up and start again when needed.

pointing at a globe

Parent-Supported Learning

Niki RoarkI love seeing the lightbulb go on when they understand something for the first time.
I love the time we get together. 
Carol Cain –We love the pace. Kids like being able to stay on a subject longer if they can’t understand it or are struggling through it with the pressure to move on to the next lesson or taking a test without being ready.
And if they do understand something they can easily move on without waiting on someone else. My boys were entering that age/grade level where the peer pressure starts to get intense.
Where “boys have to be boys” and “do as boys do”. When the bragging and showing off is a thing. When bullies reign and teachers are too overwhelmed to notice and principals too overstretched to care.
I love the conversations we have on topics they really find interesting and how we have the freedom to then travel or venture out to explore them more.



Carol Cain – That my kids are reclusive and have no friends.

Our schedules are full of school work and everything from yoga to swim team to camping with Boys Scouts sometimes with friends they were in public school with.

Debbi Danner- RiosThe myth is that there are no social activities so students aren’t properly socialized.

Untrue. The co-ops gave us ample social activities and there were lifelong friendships created that are worth more than anything else.  How to determine if schooling at home is right for your family


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