Dishcrawl ~ Cincinnati ~ Progressive Dinner Review

Have you heard of Dishcrawl before?


It combines all of the things I love….eating out, an excuse not to cook dinner, exploring foods at multiple restaurants and meeting new people.

I joined my friend Heather from  The Food Hussy on a progressive dinner style food adventure downtown with Dishcrawl Cincinnati.



You start by meeting Chef Michael at a prearranged destination and then sign waivers and receive a name tag. You don’t know where you are going to eat until right before you are on your way there which is what makes the experience a fun food adventure.



Ironically, it started raining right as we were meeting but we were lucky that we didn’t have too far to travel. The size of the group can vary from around 25-40+ people. The food is already prearranged so that you don’t have to over think what you are going to eat and you can just relax and enjoy your food and company.




Our first destination was Fusian, that is the Chipotle style concept of sushi.




When you visit Fusian, you get to create your ideal sushi roll and watch it being made in front of you.





We tried the Seaweed and Soy wrap (salmon with sweet chili) (steak with wasabi mayo) and (chicken with sweet soy.)


IMG_0548 IMG_0550



Our second destination was Jimmy G’s.




This restaurant was underground. I would never have known to check this place out.





We tried seasoned pork skewers on seasoned rice.




Apricot Bacon & Pork Tummy Tuck (confit pork belly, apple wood bacon, Harissa & Marcona Almonds, toasts)




Chocolate Raspberry Mouse






Our weather cleared up as we made our way to our final destination.




Our third restaurant was The Blue Wisp.





We tried Spinach artichoke spread with flat bread toast points, Broiled Cod on Seasoned Mashed Potatoes with sauce chevron.




We also experienced their Taste of Cincinnati award winning bread pudding with carmel sauce.




There is live music at The Blue Wisp 7 nights a week.




I had been to Fusian before, our family loves sushi and really enjoyed our previous visits there. I have liked everything I have tried there and will definitely be back.

Jimmy G’s was a restaurant that I probably would have not checked out without the knowledge of Dishcrawl. Their pork belly with bacon and apricot was a flavorful combination that I have never tried before, that was delicious. Their chocolate mouse dessert was a hit too.


The Blue Wisp was a restaurant that we had been to years ago and I had been wanting to check it out again for a while. I loved their food. Everything we ate there was something that I would definitely order again.




I really enjoyed my first Dishcrawl experience and look forward to trying more Dishcrawls in the future. Dishcrawl is a great way to try new foods at new places with new friends.


Here are a few things that you should know before you go. 

Come hungry. – You will eat a lot of food.

You pay for your drinks at each location. Check out what the drink specials are at each location.

Ask questions. –  This will help you mingle with your fellow food adventurers.

If you have dietary restrictions make sure you make Chef Michael aware of them ahead of time.



You can learn more about Dishcrawl Cincinnati from their website. There are different tours all over the city and you can also customize tours if you have a large group.



Disclosure: I was given a complimentary tour for review purposes. All opinions are my own.




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  1. Nedra, thank you so much for telling me about the dish crawl it sounds like a blast and I cant wait to try it out. Also it was great seeing you the other day at our retreat.

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