A Day Trip to Cumberland Falls

If you want a great outdoor adventure, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is a perfect Kentucky day trip or weekend getaway.

Where is Cumberland Falls?

Cumberland Falls is located in Southeastern Kentucky.


Cumberland Falls is free to visit and offers scenic hiking trails with amazing views of the falls. 

There is also a gift shop, a reasonably priced concession stand, and an informational area where you can learn more about the falls and its history.


The upper falls are beautiful and very peaceful.


There are a few spots where you can walk a little closer to where the action is.


You have some freedom to walk around because you are still far enough from the drop off that you aren’t in any danger.

Cumberland Falls in Corbin, Kentucky

This is the first photo area.

YouTube video

There are several spots where you can try to get different angles of the falls.

Cumberland Falls in Corbin, Kentucky

There are also lots of rocks to climb on and explore.


You can also stop and read about the history of the people at the falls.


We took a few pictures from the lower falls as well.

Cumberland Falls in Corbin, Kentucky

This one took a little climbing but was worth it. Here is a view of the lower falls area after the waterfall.

Cumberland Falls State Park Resort in Kentucky

There are plenty of areas for picnics and relaxing near the falls in the state park.

view before upper falls at Cumberland
Cumberland Falls Moonbow Sign Marker

Depending on the year and the time of day that you visit, you might be able to see a moonbow.

What’s a Moonbow?

A moonbow appears from the rising midst at Cumberland Falls on clear nights with a full moon.

What is a moonbow?

How to see a Moonbow

Check the Moonbow Calendar for possible sightings before you visit.

Depending on the year and the time of day that you visit, you might be able to see a lunar rainbow/ moonbow at Cumberland Falls.

kayak at Cumberland Falls

Go Kayaking or Stand Up Paddleboarding at Cumberland Falls

You can go stand-up paddleboarding or use your board like a kayak and paddle near the base of Cumberland Falls.

rafting at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky

River and Rafting Trips at Cumberland Falls

There are several river trips offered through Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort ranging from mild to extreme.

Cumberland Falls in Kentucky

Cumberland Falls Address

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is located at 7351 Hwy. 90, Corbin, KY 40701.

It takes around 2.75 hours to get to Cumberland Falls from Cincinnati.

There is nearby lodging, camping, swimming, and you can even go white water rafting and stand-up paddleboarding at Cumberland Falls.

You can find out more about planning your trip to Cumberland Falls from their website.

Attractions Located Near Cumberland Falls

Colonel Sanders Mural in downtown Corbin Kentucky

Restaurants in Corbin, Kentucky

If you are in downtown Corbin, The Wrigley Taproom and Eatery is a great farm to table restaurant with amazing Brussel Sprouts. Austin City Saloon is another downtown restaurant with wonderful food and live entertainment.

If you are in the mood for Mexican food, I highly recommend Santa Fe, located a few miles from downtown Corbin.

Sanders Cafe in Corbin Kentucky

Learn more about the History of Kentucky Fried Chicken at the Harland Sanders Cafe & Museum.

The museum and KFC restaurant are located 30 minutes from the falls at 688 US Highway 25 W, Corbin, KY.

Sleep in a Covered Wagon Near Cumberland Falls

Places to Stay Near Cumberland Falls

You can sleep in a covered wagon or cabin at Sheltowee Trace Adventure Resort.

Save on Hotels and Vacations Rentals Near Cumberland Falls

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  1. Leashed pets are allowed in the campground at Cumberland Falls State Park. Dogs are allowed on some, but not all, trails at Cumberland Falls State Park.

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