Dishcrawl ~ Taco Crawl on Pedal Wagons


My second experience with Dishcrawl Cincinnati was such a fun food tour experience.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

Our transportation for the evening was a pedal wagon. Our food theme was a taco crawl. Experience + Mexican food = Beautiful!

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

Our restuarants were a little farther apart than my last Dishcrawl tour  which is why we were using the Pedal Wagons for transportation.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

The pedal wagon does have a motor so you really don’t have to pedal that hard and pedaling is really pretty optional. You just need to pay attention to when the driver tells you to stop pedaling.

Our first stop was Mynt Martini located at Fountain Square where we tried Avocado Taco, Lobster Taco, Jerk chicken taco, Jerk beef taco. The avocado and jerk chicken taco were my favorite.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

Our next stop was Taqueria Mercado where we had the authentic taste of Mexico with a Carna Asada Taco, Seasoned chicken taco, Carnitas (Pork) taco all served with Pico and fresh Lemon (lime). They were incredible!!!! They had lots of cilantro and were very flavorful. There were also a few options for hot sauces too. The hotter the better!

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

So now our taco count is 7 tacos! 7 Tacos and we still have 5 more to go!

We might have needed to go a few more miles to work up more of an appetite for our next destination.

Our next stop was Arnold’s which has 150+ years of history.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour Arnold's

I absolutely loved the sitting area for our tacos at this stop. The open air patio at Arnold’s was set between buildings with live music and twinkling lights. This was a place that I have been wanting to check out that I had heard about for a long time.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour Arnold's

At Arnold’s we tried the Blackened Tilapia Taco, Seasoned beef taco, and Seasoned Chicken taco. We were pretty full but still managed to try a few bites of each taco. I really enjoyed the blackened tilapia taco there.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour Arnold's

Our final stop of the evening was Bakersfield. Our family had just visited Bakersfield for the first time a few weeks prior and loved it.

At Bakersfield we tried the Fish taco (Crispy mahi, Tabasco lime sauce, citrus slaw) and the Short rib Taco, (braised short rib, queso fresco, crema, pickled onions, cilantro radish)

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour Bakersfield

I took a bite of each taco and then boxed up the rest. 12 TACOS is A LOT of Food!!!!

I think the unofficial name of the tour should be the “Hurt so Good Tour!”  The food was fantastic and I really enjoyed another Dishcrawl experience where we got to experience new flavors and venues in our city.

Dishcrawl Pedal Wagon Taco Tour

You can find out more about Dishcrawl from their website.


Disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 



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