Dream and Prep for Your Next Adventure at Field & Stream

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Field & Stream. All opinions are 100% mine.

Field & Stream is a store designed to inspire you to dream and make memories while connecting with nature. Their gear can help you turn that dream into an action plan for your next outdoor adventure. Adventures need equipment and they have you covered.

As you walk in the store, there is a large fireplace toward the entrance that reminds me of the types of lodges we have visited up north with seating that always tempts me to sit down for longer than I should.

You can’t help but notice the incredible display of taxodermy as you enter the store. It’s impressive no matter what age you are!

There is an even larger display toward the back of the store that is incredibly detailed.

My boys always want to visit the archery section when we go to Field & Stream because they enjoyed the archery demo from a previous visit so much. If you are purchasing a bow, employees can assist with making sure that your bow is tuned and set up before your next adventure.

I’m always drawn to the kayak and paddle board section in the store because I enjoy both of those outdoor activities so much!

The camping section always gives me so many ideas because there are so many new products that make camping more enjoyable. I’m not a die hard camper quite yet (glamping is more my style) so I’m very interested in products that make overnights more comfortable…like cots and really warm sleeping bags.

I found a solar lantern to use on my next overnight that will also be able to charge my phone for the WIN! As someone who takes pictures with my phone all the time, I need options so that my phone battery will last longer.

While I was in the camping section, I found the PERFECT gift for my inlaws!……. I was really tempted to buy the GIANT frying pan (Uncle Buck style) but I decided to find something a little more practical to put in their pop up camper.

I’m not sure what you call a campfire “pie iron” in your neck of the woods, but I’ve never heard of it being called a “Pudgie.”

Regardless of what you call it, everyone loves making these simple sandwiches on the campfire because they taste great and don’t take long to make. We’ve made ones with marinara, bread, shredded mozzerella cheese, and pepperoni. They are also great with 2 slices of bread and pie filling in between.

This visual recipe cookbook took it to the next level with images of the ingredients used to make creative combinations that I would have never thought of

While we were near that section, the fire pits caught my husband’s eye. He has been talking about a circular fire pit for quite some time because our Chiminea has not provided the results that we had hoped for.

“It’s always a good time for a fire”

was the phrase that got me. We really do enjoy sharing conversations with friends and family around a fire pit. We opted for the one displayed below because it was very sturdy and also had a grill.

In the checkout line, I noticed the Field & Stream adventure dolls. I wish that there would have been dolls like this when I was a little girl! It’s so important to encourage girls to find their adventure outdoors too.

Field & Stream has been suppling adventurers since 1971. You’ll find popular brands like Under Armour, Remington, Carhartt, Shimano, and Yeti along with great customer service. I didn’t catch the name of the bearded employee who was extremely helpful to us during our visit. We were in several departments and had LOTS of questions about multiple products and your great customer service did not go unnoticed!

You can find out more about Field & Stream from their website.  Use the Store Locator to find your local Field & Stream!

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Dream and Prep for Your Next Adventure at Field Stream

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